What Did We Learn Today?

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  1. What did we learn in church today?
  2. To be happy about ourself, and not to run the same race as someone else, because it may not be the way our life is turn out.
  3. Very true Dana. Your race and my race are totally different. Look at the Olympian athletes. They have their own race but are in the same race. They don't give up even if they come in last place. Because he / she might have come in last place, by crossing the finish line he / she is a WINNER. As in the Christian race it does not matter if there is a first or last place. When we don't give up and cross the finish line (accepting Jesus as Lord and savior) we are WINNERS!

    So keep on truckin brother .

    Chili out.
  4. That's totally true. We are victors not victims.
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  5. Not to over think it! God has told us the Way plain and simple. He is not the author or confusion but of peace and understanding! I find that when I start analyzing things....my feelings, events in the day, why x doesn't seem to be going the way it should or lining up with y....that is when doubt and trouble start to come in. But if I take Him at His Word (with anything in life!) - and leave it there - that is when I stay in peace. When I stay in His understanding (and don't try to creep out with my own interpretations understandings and explanations ...that is when things make sense. That is when I can see His purpose and remember why things happen as they do - all according to His plan. :)
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  6. BINGO!
    Another BINGO! Well said Tressa
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