What Are Your Views On Hip Hop Music?

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  1. Rap/Hip Hop music these days has taken over much of the music industry. What are your views on this genre of music? The lyrics? The people? I personally believe that there are many rappers out there who are humble and speak the truth; however, they are hidden behind the fame of the more well known rappers who typically write about money, drugs and women.
  2. If doesn't qualify as "spiritual songs & hymns" don't put in your brain. "Oh be careful little ears what you hear; Oh be careful little ears what you hear. For the Father up above is looking down in love, so be careful little ears what you hear." (To the tune 'If Your Happy and You Know it')

    Ephesians 5:19, Colossians 3:16

    What goes in will eventually come back out in one form or fashion.
  3. Personally, I would like to see it HOP right on out of the way.
  4. I only listen to Christian hip hop and Christian rappers. I love it :)
  5. I used to listen too..heavy metal, rock, alternative pop culture, and when I accepted salvation, I realized something was very wrong with what my brain was taking in. I converted to "Contemporary Christian" and something still didn't seem right.

    NOT growing up in a christian oriented lifestyle, I can tell you that from my experience; "Christian" rock & Hip-Hop are almost like gateway drugs for your ears for those young people growing in Christian homes to relate to worldly things.

    We are commanded to be different, a "peculiar people" a "special treasure" not conformed to the world but conformed to scripture. If you have the same beat and the same rhythm and just change the words...how different are we from the world?

    I won't listen to even popular contemporary christian music anymore because I have recognized the danger in it...
  6. I like christian hip hop. Go Kj. :D
  7. You and I are what would be called "old fashioned".

    IMO, and I have done some work on this by talking with many people..............when we are drawn to "contemporay-'hip hop or even rock and roll" Christian music, we are not really thinking about the words of the music.

    A Dr. friend of mine in Washington have also done a lot of work on this, (Dwight) and he confirms the fact that when our brain/memory hears music, the beat and rythem takes us mentally back in our minds to the time when we were involved with that type of music.

    Example: A worship song song in church to the beat of a popular song when you were dating your wife may, many years ago. When you hear the music........does it remind you of the date you were on when you heard that song??????

    So, when we are in church to worship God, and the song is "Contemporary", the beat of the music touches the sinapsis of our brain and unknowing to us we slip back in time (in our mind) 25 or 40 years when that particular song had a meaning to us. THEN the point is, "ARE WE ACTUALLY WORSHIPPING GOD".........
    or are we remembering what we were doing 25 or 40 years ago,

    Yes.......I know. Most do not agree with me and that never has happened to you. I know! Just give it some thought.

    BUT, to be brutetally honest, it has happened to me. That is why I say we need to be very carfull with the music we listen to in church. IMO!!!!
  8. if you dont find a particular type of music uplifting to God, then dont listen to it. Me personally, I listen to a wide variety of music, most christian, and have no problem with christian hip hop, I like the beat, and like with Kj, I find the lyrics encouraging. :D
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  9. Our Pastor is putting together a series about the influence of music physiologically & psychologically. I'll see if I can get some reference material information from him.

    To my understanding, the 'beat' and 'rhythm' of rock, rap, etc...has it's root in pagan ceremonial percussion from Africa and Asia. There have been many studies done on how your mind & body react to music. It is very influential, and considering the times we live in- a worthy subject of debate for Christians.
  10. I hate this witch hunt mentality, its bad enough living in this world as it is, without adding to it with scaremongering conspiracy that certain styles of music are evil etc.

    Yes music is powerful and yes, it can effect peoples mind , such as having worship group repeat the same chords and bars for an hour while the chap up the front persuades you to hand over all your money.

    If you are going to start looking at tribal rituals and so on, then you must not forget to look at all the other stuff they do, its not just a few hours of drumming which makes things bad so to speak, theres plenty of drug taking as well, not to mention invoking of demons.

    Take a so called "bad satan beat" and simply sing Jesus is Lord over the top, then its not really that bad is it?

    Learn to take things in context and see the bigger picture, use the brain God gave you and think with it, not blindly follow other peoples obsessive rantings.
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  11. Hmmm...my apologies if I offended you brother, just stating an opinion. Like I stated earlier; from my own experience I believe there is a problem from much of our modern music. I am not trying to 'scaremonger' anyone' I just said it was worthy of debate. By no means do I blindly follow any man....

    I guess when the 'body' is sick and losing its members, you seek to diagnose all the symptoms. Doesn't your doctor check your ears when you see him for a lower body ache? If there is a sign of infection in the ears-it can effect other parts of the body as well...

    With so many churches being divided, split, destroyed, bankrupted, morally corrupt, and losing members-no wonder the world is heading in the direction it is. Not saying that this topic (music) is the cause for it all- but maybe we need to follow the symptoms...

    Churches have closed their doors over this subject-so once again- I believe it is worthy of debate. I am not saying anyone is less than a "Christian" for listening to there style of music. Please don't misunderstand my intent.
  12. You have not offended me, its just this is a subject which never goes away and one people always explore and feel they stumbled on something new. I am not denying the fact that music can be a bad influence, however music is just music, just same way paper is paper and ink is ink, its what is done with it that counts.

    Sometimes we miss the obvious right in front of us. The main problem with music today are the words accompanying the music. Words hold power, not music. we have to guard what we say, as our words can give power to destroy. You are right in saying music has a hold over people, but its not the sound, its the words within that music which promotes immorality and even glorifies Satan and celebrates evil.

    Did you know that many of the so called praise and worship songs sung in church are used by demons to praise satan? That is even more of a problem. Demons are always present in churches, how active they are depends on the binds and restraints put on them. We use a public community hall for our Sunday service. before our service we bind demons and so on, something some overlook.

    Demons will sing along with the rest if the congregation and will take those and present them to Satan as his worship, that is if its many of the wishy washy candy laced songs we hear, about streams rivers and so on, even songs with lines such as "You sit on your throne with power over all" and so on, are not specific enough, that line can be used by demons. Thats why its important to mention Jesus and his resurrection , then demons can not use those, but they hate to hear them and will probably not want to hang around to listen to it.

    The Sound Of Music maybe already evil to some people! However if I re-write the words as an occult opera worshiping satan, then it really is evil, listening to the tune of Doh A Deer is not evil initself, neither is a rythm from a tribal ritual from Umboogooboogo land.

    Music of course creates states of mind, repetitive use of, I was not joking when I said it happens in Christian gatherings, but who actually sits and listens to hours of repetitive music? Only people likely to do that are those who are wanting to use it to help meditate and open up their minds to so called spiritual enlightenment or whatever, if they are doing this they are already in serious demonic oppression and under their influence and in case of tribal rituals taking various kinds of drugs, so the music again is not the key issue here.
  13. now thats a pretty wild accusation agricola. I agree with you, that its not the beat that makes music bad, but to say that demons are in church, singing along, and that all our "modern christian worship music" is really praise music to satan, where is your evidence for that? thats just as bad as saying that its the beat that makes it wrong. God tells us to praise Him-it doesnt matter of its an old fashioned hymn or a modern praise chorus. If were singing hallelujah over and over again, as long as were aiming it at God, then its praising God, not satan. There is nothing about modern praise worship-that praises satan. period. Now, do satanic cults use them to worship satan? maybe. but that doesnt make the songs bad.

    as for having to Bind demons before every service, why do you live in such fear of them? I dont see anyone in the early church doing that. Our Church doesn't, and you want to know why? because we serve an almighty God, and we know that while we ourselves cannot bind demons, we serve an almighty God who can, so we spend our service worshipping and spending time with God-and not worrying about something that has no power over us anyway. If your faith is in God, then what do you have to fear? certainly not demons.
  14. I know these things because I have studied the subject and been taught it. I have heard a number of genuine Christian speakers speak on demonology and other matters which all touch on how how demons operate, its not for the faint hearted and no wonder why people are fed untruths about how demons work and what they get up to.

    It is important to bind demons to stop them from working and operating during a service, especially when we have vulnerable people come in who are open to their influence. It has nothing to do with fear but power and control, sure let them run riot 6 days of the week, especially if meetings being held are more occult based and encourage demonic activity, but come Sunday they must be held in check. Demons do not simply sit back and do nothing cause a bunch of Christians turn up.

    As for the hymns, I did say that its not every hymn that can be used in such a way, but a lot of the more modern praise music with obscure lyrics can be used by demons. Sure we sing praise to God, angels take up that praise to God, but demons can also use it for Satan if the lyrics are too vague and do not mention Jesus or God direct. One such example, this can be sung by satanists and demons to worship Satan.

    Of course this dosnt mean we should not sing it to God, but you have to be more tuned in to what goes on in the spiritual realm and how demons work. This song does not mention God or Jesus anywhere, nor does it specifically mention Jesus death or resurrection.

    Over all the earth,
    You reign on high,
    Every mountain stream,
    Every Sunset Sky,
    But my one request,
    You Lord my only aim,
    Is that you'd reign in me again,

    Lord Reign in me,
    Reign in your power,
    Over all my dreams,
    In my darkest hour,
    YOu are the Lord,
    Of all I am,
    So won't you reign in me again

    Over every thought,
    Over every word,
    May my life reflect,
    The beauty of my Lord,
    Cause you mean more to me,
    than any earthly thing,
    So won't you reign in me again

    But a simple old song can not be used by demons for obvious reasons.

    Jesus loves me! This I know,
    For the Bible tells me so.
    Little ones to Him belong;
    They are weak, but He is strong.
    Yes, Jesus loves me!
    Yes, Jesus loves me!
    Yes, Jesus loves me!
    The Bible tells me so.
  15. ok, your going to have to do better then that. Anyone can say "I studied these things" and "I heard people speak on these things" so what. give me hard evidence. Not just "I studied these things" that statement isnt evidence.

    I was talking about modern praise music, not hymns.

    I still hold, that we cannot bind demons, only God can do that, so having a ritual to bind demons will do no good.
  16. The speed in which you have replied along with your response, suggests you did not fully read my post.

    You sound like the atheist who always wants proof, well sorry, apart from just giving accounts will not satisfy you either will it, when it comes to spiritual there is never seldom any hard evidence, apart from faith and belief.

    Who said anything about ritual? To bind demons we simply pray to God to stop them from doing whatever and also directly address the demons and command them to be silent and depart in name of Jesus. Again I suggest you do a little bit more study yourself in this area. It is an area that many people do not want to know and are seldom told about.
  17. First off, I did read it. thoroughly. What I saw, was a lack of evidence whatsoever. You seem to want me to just take your sayso. You say you did research. you say you heard people speak on it. but thats it. Then, you go on to say why its so "important" Im sorry, but where is that research? seems to be if you had done research you should be able to show it. Give me that research, show me the research. Show me in the Bible.

    If you cannot do that, and your only reply is to call me an athiest, then I would high recomend you actually go out and do the research you claim you have done. I am not an athiest-I am a follower of Christ who believes in an almighty God. Im also, willing to listen to solid evidence and change my opinion on things, but im not one to just take someones "say so" so if your say so is all the evidence you have, then you have no point. Either present a clear, concise argument, listing whatever evidence you have, whether its eyewitness accounts, studies done by others, Bible references, whatever, or stop debating, because labeling me an athiest does not make you right.
  18. I did not label you an atheist, please re-read carefully. I said that you are demanding exactly the same things athiests demand, that is solid proof.
  19. no, im asking for evidence, of which you provided none. All Im asking is you back up your claims-if youve done solid research, then you should be able to give me more then "ive done research" Thats all Im asking. Im willing to listen, but you have to provide the evidence.
  20. DOh split post.

    Anyway heres something to consider, Satan wants to be praised and worshiped as Lord of everything himself.

    Isaiah 14:12-14 - "How have you fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, ’I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’"

    Also remember that Satan said a few things to Jesus during his temptation, on lines that if Jesus worshiped satan he would give him everything.

    Matthew 4:9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

    So we can clearly see that Satan loves to be worshiped and considers himself Lord of all.

    Demons are present in our congregations, sure we dont get many possessed, but they are still around us, Luke 4:31-36

    I can tell you a couple of anicdotes. One of the speakers we had was invovled putting on some Christian event with of course a praise and worship session, during this it became obvious that HOly SPirit was not moving and there was an air of negativity, The Lord told him that the words being sung were too vague, so he relayed this to the music group and they then played more suitable worship music. The mood totally changed and HOly SPirit moved.

    A more serious event, we were told how this speaker was with his team of people at one meeting when they are shown a demon, he looked like a normal man, but only they could see him, they confronted this demon who mocked them, when the worship started he began to join in with them and said he loved that song as it was perfect for his lord and master, Satan. I wont go into rest of it, as its not necessary.

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