What are your goals for 2009?

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by endurancefellowship, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. What are your goals for 2009?

    Now is the time to evaluate your 2008 season. Look at your training and determine what worked and what didn’t. Having a training log will help you see your fitness progression throughout the year. Do you need to improve your speed, endurance, strength on hills, mental focus, recovery, weight loss, upper body and core strength, race strategy, nutrition, hydration, flexibility, and race preparation? You can seek out resources to increase your training and racing knowledge. Read magazines, books and seek out a coach to give you a different perspective and some accountability. It is also helpful to evaluate areas of your personal and professional life, because problems there will be a detriment to your training and racing. Some people use athletics to run from their problems. Another great asset is a club or training group. These groups can help with structure, feedback, knowledge and expertise. From those groups you might develop a training partner that would a source of encouragement and accountability. Evaluate your past years and make 2009 your best ever.

    Gerry Geraghty
    Coach Endurance Fellowship
  2. getting fit,find drive for my life.kicking satan were it hurts.:D
  3. Yeah, I'm with you SmellyCat :)

  4. Why wait till 2009... do it today. :)
  5. Last winter I was saying by 2009 I would bulk up.. but I still have quite a ways to go. I've definetely gotten improvement and trying to overcome being slim, but I'll never stop I don't think. I also don't think my goals are realistic because I jsut can't eat like some people. My stomach just won't take it. So I do as much as lifting and protein shakes can do, and that's about it.
  6. Changing the time you eat will make a difference. But you won't grow unless you eat, and you can clean bulk. Check the # of calories on the protein shake, maybe try a weight gainer instead of just protein powder.

    Did I read a while back that you are in judo?
  7. My bride actually lost 50 pounds in the past year. :party:

    I have my own goals that revolve around photography and creating a ministry/business.
  8. to find a proper bible.my kjv must be outdated.:eek:
  9. I wouldn't say it is outdated. I do prefer to read Bible translations that are in a language that I speak. That is why I prefer the New Century Version and some other newer ones.

    I have probably over 20 different translations here at my house, including the KJV. :)
  10. I want stop drinking and get closer to God.
  11. I have one goal, to follow God with all my heart.

    On the exercise subject, I try to exercise 4x a week year round, at my age, it's a constant battle.

  12. Woooooooo!!!

    Don't wait for 2009 though. :D
  13. Healthwise, I aim to be fitter and so I am working on being more disciplined in keeping up with and maintaining my work out sessions coz that is what I've been having a problem with (the discipline), and I need to organize my time/schedule better for this. Along with all this, spiritually, I want to bear more fruit for The LORD.
  14. I have many goals for 2009 and the coming years I wouldn't be able to squeeze into one thread here. There's so many things I enjoy such as fashion, dance, the arts, equestrianism, and school that I am focusing on. That is including God. I have been studying His word and wanting to understand the Truth more so I'll be better prepared in the future. :)
  15. 2009- I am not finished with this year yet.:p
    But okay here goes-
    I want to break out of my comfort zones and serve God as never before.
    I want to walk in the Spirit continually.
    I want to grow spiritually, mentally (with a renewed mind) and physically I am commited to working hard to overcoming my medical problems.
    I want to be a better husband, dad and grandpaw.
    To be a light for Christ and share His love with others- that about sums it up.

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