What are your experiences with sharing the Gospel?

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  1. Bondman, that has not been my experience. Let me hasten to say that I am not an evangelist either by call or by gifting, but I have found that when I offer to pray for someone - even a rank non-believer - I very seldom get a refusal. Even if they are totally cynical about the exercise, most are touched that I offered.



  2. Hi Jim, that's sooo wonderful! Bless You, Lord!!

    Can you tell me a little about yourself and ministry? - either here, or in a PM if you wish.

    Love in Jesus!!

    - BM

    EDIT: Oh, I notice you need 4 more posts (total of 5) before you can send a PM.
  3. I have mainly gone evangelizing out of country and with groups. Dramas, skits, etc seem to work well. Thumbs up to you for your courage to share the Gospel!
  4. Go to website- discipleshipint.org and there you can find out about the organization I belong to. While in mexico we presented the bridge illustration which you can click onto on the web site and get an example. About the trip we were able to share this illustration in 2 high schools as well as the university. God openned the door and entire classes desired to accept Christ. We did the same at a drug and rehab centre to about 20 inmates and 15 accepted Christ and 13 were baptized the next day. At a motorcycle repair shop 6 workers and the owner accepted Christ and the next day we held a biblestudy there during the workday. There is much more to share ,but now a little bit about myself . I am 54 married with 3 children. I live in vancouver canada. ahhhhhh. My desire is to be involved in more missions trips as God opens the doors. I've also been to haiti and helped build a church there. As well I've been to guatamala too.
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  5. Oh, thank you Jim, that's great! Wow, you sure covered a lot of different areas to evangelise down there! (I'm married, have 4 grandkids, and am 72!)

    I then went and read all of the website. Sounds like a wonderful work, and very Scriptural. Why we don't disciple is something that's stunned me for many decades. I'm so pleased that God taught me over 40 years ago to - DISCIPLE!! (and it's something I absolutely LOVE!!)

    This quote on the site I found quite fascinating:

    George Baarschers, Director of Discipleship International says, " In my 21 years of ministry I have asked hundreds of believers this question; "Can you quote to me five of God's promises you are standing on right now?" To date, no one has ever quoted five. We are in danger of no longer standing in faith and on the promises of God. We are too preoccupied with leaning on our own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5-6).

    The last statement is absolutely true! What an appalling commentary on the church that people don't even know 5 things that underpin their daily walk with the Lord!! Only 5, and yet they still can't manage.... (That's not a smile on God's face I don't think...)

    Finally, would you mind telling me how you evangelise Spanish-speakers? Use a translator, or do you have an English-speaker who also speaks fluent Spanish?

    God bless you mightily, my friend!!

    - BM
  6. We had translators there. As well as communicated to the pastor there with our very broken(poor) spanish. The pastor in the church there was on loan to them from discipleship int. What a great job he did there. Sad to say they were told he will work with there church for 2 years and we allowed him to stay for an extra year. The people there in the church were encouraged to help him as well as get involved in followup. Seems like this fell on deaf ears. They know have a parttime pastor and our pastor has moved to Monterray Mexico were we are heading up our headquarters. We'll see how it goes next year in Pinotepa if we stay with the same church or partnership with anotherone which is more active in their community and seems to desire to be more involved in followup when we leave after our 2 week stay there.
  7. The work of the Lord seldom seems to run smoothly, Jim, and what you reported seems like a perfect example of that. It's amazing to me how Christians can 'mess up' the work of other Christians. Yet it happens all the time.

    So sad! But we have to accept hardships (which is normal Christian living), give our utmost to Him, and at all times put our trust firmly in the Lord our God - no matter what's happening! With your pastor moving to Monterrey it will be interesting to see how your ministry grows and succeeds in our crucial evangelism and discipleship tasks.

    I see only 1 more post before you can PM. Go for it!! hee!

    Blessings my friend!

    - BM
  8. Hey BM - that could be a really good subject for a thread. Wanna start it?


  9. 1. assurance of salvation-1john5:11-13 2.assurance of answerd prayer -john16:24 3. assurance of victory -1cor. 10:13 4. assurance of forgiveness- 1john1:9 5. assurance of guidance-prov.3:5-6
  10. This is great!
  11. Thats really shocking! :eek: In all those years?

    My God supplies all my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
    The joy of the Lord is my strength.
    You are the God that heals me.
    God is my help and deliverer.
    You give me Your peace, not like the peace of the world.
  12. I love winning people for Christ. There is nothing more exciting or exhilarating when you see people light up after receiving the free gift of salvation through Christs atoning work on the cross. I always imagine at that point, the Angels in heaven rejoicing over one sinner who repents. (Luke15:10)

    My greatest desire is to see souls saved and people won for the Kingdom of Heaven. I do not really have a system or way of doing things and it just happens... when I am speaking with someone who is not a believer, the Holy Spirit prompts me and directs me on how to speak to them. Sometimes he gives me a revelation about something that is happening in their life at that point in time so that they truly know that the Kingdom of Heaven is near.

    Past experience has taught me to follow through with them to ensure that they get the right feeding as new born babes, if I am unable disciple them myself. Most Churches have a discipleship program. Some are good, some not so good. God knows what is best for them because he knows each persons need. : )

  13. Hi Shav, and welcome to CFS!

    Loved your post! You are so blessed in having a gift of evangelism. We all have different gifts from the Spirit, don't we. How wonderful the Lord God is!!

    I just LOVE that you understand that converts MUST be discipled. "Teaching them to do [obey] all things that I have commanded you [to do]" Matthew 28:20. Discipleship is a major reason why I have written all my Teaching Messages here about how the New Testament instructs us to live the Christian life!! Because in my long experience Western Churches basically do NOT disciple - neither know how to, nor bother. It's a major reason why we have churches full of weak, immature Christians (tragically, tens of millions of them...)

    Keep up your great work! Again I say you are greatly blessed!

    With love in Jesus,

    - BM

    EDIT: As a matter of interest, if you've passed converts on to churches who've said they would disciple them, if you went back to the person and checked their knowledge and growth in the Lord, I'd be most interested to see what the churches actually did and achieved (I have a semi-personal reason for bringing this up).
  14. I totally agree with you! I'm sure that is why my church fell and is rebuilding. We have an awesome new pastor and I can tell he is full of energy for the Lord which makes me feel energetic and ready for Him. It makes me want to be active in the church again!
  15. Hi BM,

    Thank you for your warm welcome and blessings to you!

    I have found on a number of occasions that some of these new believers had grown in leaps and bounds where as, others had remained the same (still babes). It bothers me at times that new believers are being utilized in Churches because of their natural giftings eg: musical or worship leading but have been left to catch up to others in their area of their spiritual growth. Grrr....

    Timothy was right when said ( basically-1 Timothy 3:6) that new converts should not be put in positions of authority least they fall through pride.

    I can understand how this can happen especially when new believers are so very talented.
    I am very blessed to have a good relationship with leadership in many of the Churches in my area and am able to discuss matters concerning new converts and what is available through the churches to ensure that these babies are discipled properly. This is my number one priority, everything else is just icing on the cake. Wisdom has taught me to check it out before hand so that new believers have some where to grow. : )

  16. One point I have observed is that if you are talking , discussing, sharing to/with one person, with other non believers present, that they; the others, will be more open to ''hear'' than the ''target'' individual.
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  17. Amen dear brother!

    Kol Tuv, Shav
  18. I've known of few with the gift of evangelism who've ever followed up like you do. Or even Christians who KNOW someone's new in the faith who ever did a thing to help them get taught and grow towards maturity. So you are both am astonishing blessing - and blessed indeed!!!

    Strength to your arm, my brother. from He Who is the supplier of all Power now and throughout eternity!!!

    Much love in Him!!!

    - BM
  19. Excellent comment, laterunner!! Bless you, and welcome to CFS!

    - BM
  20. Going on a work trip with 2 other people to another province for to weeks. They are pre-christians. One is a free-mason. Both know i am a christian. Pray for Gods guidance in my speech and my actions.Jim

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