What are your experiences with sharing the Gospel?

Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by Jeffin, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. What are your experiences with sharing the Gospel?

    My friend and I went out yesterday and spoke to random people at a garden near place. We led one person to Christ. Others were really touched and would probably come to our Church. It was a great experience. We realized that we need a good prayer support people backing us if we are to do it again.

    What are your experiences? I am hoping to learn from you all. :)
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  2. I've done the same thing with another person and as a team. Even one on one, for instance when at the gas station, or where ever we are. If we spend time with the Lord before we go out we will be endued with that power from on high and the Lord can open an opportunity for us to witness or lead someone to the Lord.
  3. I have also done the knocking on doors with a team and we always went in twos . We are in a dominant muslim and hindo area so we just told people what church we were from and asked them if they had any prayer requests and we would pray for them right there . It was a very rewarding experience as most people were receptive to prayer . Mind you some shut the door on us but that is to be expected.

    I have found if you ask people if they have a prayer request , they usually respond as one time we were in the restuarant and the owner came to talk to us because we had a missionary with us and she was interested . We asked her if we could pray for her and if she had any requests and she was so happy that we asked . We stood up and held hands in the middle of the restaurant and prayed . It was awesome .
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  4. Since online ministry is more my calling, I often go into chat rooms and will chat with non-believers. Some people just really need to hear the message that Jesus loves them, period. Of course, He wants us to have a change of heart, but He loves us and wants to support us through this life.

    Another way I minister is by making sure I post a lot of Christian-based messages at my Facebook profile. I have a lot of non-Christian friends there and I just keep praying they will read something that plants a seed of faith in their heart.
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  5. What an interesting thread!!

    JEFF. I was rapt to hear of one soul coming to Jesus. I would have said that's unusual for Australia. Anyone with a gift of Evangelism can do this, of course. But if you don't have this gift, then I strongly agree with needing a serious prayer backup team.

    DUSTY. Over the years I've become aware that evangelism by, for example, asking a person if they need prayer seems to work well in the U.S. Is Canada similar maybe? Australia today isn't. We are a post-Christian society where most people would look at you like you were mad if you asked if they needed prayer!!

    Maybe Jeff can prove me wrong on that (that would be very nice!!!)

    ANGELIC ROSE. Your online evangelism I guess is somewhere in between above. I personally think that is difficult too.

    I hope some others post here, as like Jeff, I really want to hear their thoughts!

    Blessings to all!!

    - BM
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  6. Jeff
    I just notice on this new section you have a link to part of Reinhard Bonnke's site. I'm really glad to see that! He is a great man of God used mightily by Him, getting millions saved, and also amazing miracles!
  7. I wear a HisStory bracelet which tells the story of Jesus' life through coloured beads. Its very attractive to children who often comment on it. This gives me the opportunity to introduce a discussion about Jesus and its very effective.
    I got mine from a Christian bookshop but here is a link to one i found online.

    HisStory Bracelet
  8. I'm one of those people in the middle of the chain of coincidental friendships quite often . but i do see God's hand working . the people around me usually have been 1) hurt by the church 2) hurt by bible thumpers 3) are interested in talking about spiritual things just not with a morality price tag on the friendship .

    I keep typing out these sentences and they just sound like .. anyway . God's in Heaven, so i'll let my words be few .

    but i think it's cool how God is intimately involved in every part of everyone's lives even when they don't know what to think of Him .
  9. Interesting Michael. In Australia, there seems to be a lot of pure apathy towards God. I strike people who know a bit about Him, but are certainly not going to commit to Him.

    There are also those who've maybe not been hurt by church so much, but rather find it pretty-much hopeless to grow their faith and so they live their lives outside the church. I suspect there are numbers who find the church of today irrelevant to their lives.

    In some countries people go to church because it's 'the done thing' even tho they'll never become committed believers. I think that Aussies are a fairly straight down the line bunch and mostly wouldn't do that. So less hyprocrisy, and the result being that I believe church-going is now down below 20% here.

    - BM
  10. A few of the churches I have been with, and the current one, ministers to the physical needs of the community. We follow the Spirit and sometimes get to led them to the Lord or pray for their needs.
  11. Bondman, i hear from some that a similar trend is happening in the US and Canada . (me i don't travel that much so won't speak as though i do ;) )it's kinda like a shying away of the remaining sacrament that church has become . though it's not quite put into those words . it seems like a new reformation is happening . and people just want to be real and what Christ made them to be without archaisms and having molds forced on them that just don't fit .

    non-participation (instead of starting a new denomination) seems to be the way for contemporary protesters to communicate to an institution that is incapable of listening . (we're right so take it or leave it) that's an observation of course . i have experienced some bad stuff like that but i think i might just be over it now . i attend a place too . it's a caring loving place . but definitely get a lot more fellowship online in proportion .
  12. I think you're right with how you're assessing much of this. I thought that America is still church-going, but haven't seem recent figures.

    Many seem to have had bad experiences with churches as one time or another. I'm so glad you feel you just about over your bad one/s.

    Each of my Inner Room threads are for teaching not fellowship. But I so wish I had both health and time to share online like you mentioned, but that's not gonna happen till God totally heals Beloved n me!

    Bless you heaps!

    - BM
  13. I'll pray for restoration of health and energy for both you and your beloved .
  14. Thankyou so much, my new friend! That's very special!!

    When He totally heals us as He's promised me, a fair swag will be restoration of health and energy for sure. But some will be what we've never apparently had, as both of us had pretty severe problems at birth, closely followed by ill-health since early childhood.

    One things certain as we're deteriorated and deteriorated some more, living with full health will shock us out of our brains, as we've no clue as to how to live a "normal" life - none whatsoever!! (But I reckon we'll manage to handle it!! - "bring it on Lord, bring it on!!")

    - BM
  15. Oh i don't know how to be normal either .

    but if i don't notice . then nobody will say anything ;) :p :D
  16. Me too.. I was just saying this morning I think God has called me to post in my status updates because every morning He gives me something new to say there, some poignant Christian thought. Interesting.

    Additionally, I can't remember ever leading someone to Christ. I know that I've definitely been a water-bringer for some seeds that have already been planted. Then again, I also know that there are a lot of people I get to talk to and they are watching my life to see if a young adult really can live for God in this fast-paced society where morality here only draws the line at cold-blooded murder. It's cool, though. I'm just praying that the Holy Spirit leads me in who to talk to and what to say, and I go with that.
  17. Now you've got me really intrigued....!

    - BM
  18. Wow, I just love how both you guys are thinking.

    Naturallinquist to me all of your post is quite fascinating. Just for example, if you've got something new to say every morning you could develop a teaching ministry like God's given me. Desperate need for this.

    In Paul's instructions on how a church meeting (ekklesia) must function - quite unlike how we do it today, to our dreadful detriment - he stressed how church is for up-building, for EDIFICATION, and that's it! Worship not even mentioned. 1 Corinthians Ch 14:26 Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation (of a tongue). Let all things be done for edification. I call this "fellowship!!"

    I'm about to write a message on this in my new thread A New Way (though it may turn out differently as He wills). About the wastefulness of time and energy put into stuff that is no way edifying, but often just to make people feel good. Unscriptural!! - feeling God (in our lives) would be far better, and perhaps best of all is simply obeying Him by growing via sound NT Teaching, where God wants us to grow in righteousness and holiness! I just have to give that thought a major: "Yee-harr!!!"

    Bless you two heaps!!!

    - BM
  19. Trinity with all . and to all . kind of sums it up .
  20. Just got back from a missions trip to pinotepa mexico sharing the gospel. Aproximatally 500 people accepted Christ.

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