What Are You Thankful For?

Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by joshhuntnm, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Tis the season. . . what are you thankful for?

    Me? Lots
    new book coming out
    A God who loves me. . .
  2. God's abundant blessing and guidance in my life - Check out Eph. 1
  3. Job 13:15 NKJV - Though He slay me, yet will I trust

    I am thankful that God gave me a family like I have!!! And that Im thankful for all the people I have in my life right now, be it online or in real life...I am thankful that my heart is pumping, that my whole body is well, I am breathing, I can open my eyes, I can walk, I can talk, I can swallow, my digestive system is perfect, my urinary tract is functioning, my blood circulation is good...my vision is 20/20, I can hear quite well...thank God for these little things!
    Thank God for letting me learn how to trust Him...slowly I am!
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  4. I took in a homeless man.. He is very smart with ph in phsycoligy and sociology, and has been chief several times. I met him going to the mall, that he was lonely and wanted to go for a coffee. He has many children who are mostly doing well. I didnt bring him home the first night. He found me the next day at the mall at which I let him stay but no sex. He agreed and was a gentleman about it. I found out more about his chief days and family. He has a 4 year old and 19 year old and looking for the right kind of woman to care for his kids. He moves into his own place on monday with his sons so he's not homless for long. but he's greatful for every little thing. He future looks bright. That could well be me infact. My life has always been a struggle and all I have to live for is my son. Jesus has been always my anchor tho our relationship has been stranded in the recent past. I had entered the silence of God. which was not always pleasant.
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  5. Thankful for life. Love my life. this is the John 10.10 life.
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  6. I am thankful that I have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. After years of searching, "what do I believe in/who" when I accepted Jesus as my GOD, I found rest, peace, love,comfort, joy, and most of all forgiveness. That's what I am thankful for.
    I love YOU Jesus :LOL:
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  7. I'm thankful for all the good things I have and do not deserve. I'm thankful for my life and for my salvation.

  8. How did such a man become homeless?

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