What Are You Reading Now?

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  1. I personally read a lot of Christian Fiction, The Left Behind Series is one of my favorites. I am a huge fan of Tim Dekker. I find his writing very compelling and he also has a couple of series, one being, Black, White, Red & Green. What are you reading now?
  2. I think I saw part of Left Behind movie but I am not sure if I liked it :)
    Now I am reading Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson (for the second time), after I finished the whole Malazan Book of the Fallen :whistle:
    I will then read "God's Smuggler", probably.
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  3. I haven't read fiction in years. Those that I did read were the "Chronicles of Zion" read all 5 books in a weekend; I say that not to impress my reading ability (I read tremendously VERY slowly) but that they were written so well, it played like a movie in my head, so it was more like watching a movie than reading. I've never experienced that in another author - then I don't read that much in fiction. :D
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  4. Highgrove, a celebration, all about Prince Charles country estate and garden.

    Been into gardening books lately. Not sure what to make of Prince Charles, he can be eccentric, but I think his garden is pretty cool.
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  5. Not much into fiction myself. I tend to read the bible and a local publication called Car magazine. Factual materials for me.
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  6. I have read the entire " Left Behind Series " and I am presently reading " The Patriot" by Steve Barry.
  7. I am reading Macbeth at present.
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  8. Shakespeare !! Awesome works!! My favorite is Hamlet!!
  9. I'm a classic guy; I love old things and books. :)
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  10. Now I am reading "The Life and Diary of David Brainerd" who was a missionary to the Native Americans in 18th century. The diary is full of melancholy and anxious thoughts about man´s depravity and insufficiency but also full of thoughts about God´s great grace and mercy. I did not know anything about Mr. Brainerd before I bought this book but when I started to read it, it was like "God, how did you know that I needed to read this right now?" :) It has been great encouragement for me. I recommend this book to all melancholy people who struggle for faith.
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  11. I usually have a fair stack of books on the go - I always try to finish one before I start on another, but inevitably something else catches my eye. At the moment, I'm reading the following:

    'Things New & Old - Vol. XVI' (Bound hardback version of a Christian periodical from the 19th century),
    'The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Vol. VII' by Edward Gibbon,
    'Impressions of Christ', a collection of ministry, collected and published in 1922, by 'K.M.',
    'An Outline of Leviticus' by C.A. Coates,
    'In The Beginning' by William Kelly,
    and I read 'The Local Assembly' by J. Taylor (Snr) this morning.

    The LORD said many are called. If you were trying to save 7 billion souls, won't you call many? You are called!

  13. My 1101 American Government book lol
  14. Dr David Jeremiah's "Agents of the Apocalypse". Very good.
  15. Andrew Murray's Absolute Surrender
  16. i Just like to read news paper......................................
  17. Now thats living a life on junk food.
    Welcome to CFS and may your time here be blessed and joyful
    God Bless
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  18. Currently rereading Foxe's Book of Martyrs.
    (Hebrews 12:1-11)
  19. Started reading Josephus for the first time.
  20. Currently I am reading my Bible, but after that I'm reading
    God's Smuggler, by Brother Andrew

    The Evolution of a Creationist, by Jobe Martin

    And I am about to start Oliver Greene's commentary on Matthew.

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