What Are You Passionate About? How Can It Bring Glory To God?

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  1. What are you passionate about? How can it bring glory to God?
  2. 1. Archery. I am trying to make a number of bows to be freely used at church camps. I googled it and it seems that archery used to be a popular event at church camps.

    2. Debating. Doesn't seem to be bringing any to Him.

    3. Computer games. I witnessed to two online players recently. But other then that, no glory. Puts me on a guilt trip. Feel like I constantly need to fast from it.

    4. Motorbikes. I could join a Christian bike club. But where would we stop? a coffee shop?
  3. I'm passionate about so many different things. I like nature, mysteries, puzzles, art, learning things....lots of things. I find that God has used these things in various ways. Some knowledge in order to do things well and some health and to help others. He has used them and continues to use them in different ways.
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  4. I am most passionate about serving the Lord any way I can.
  5. It's interesting how God uses some of our interests to fulfill His plan and allow us to help others. Even the small things we are interested in. Like art, crafts, music.... There there are other passions He uses as like our interests in theology, Bible, discernment / learning about people. Neat thread.
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  6. coljoy:

    Yes, our Bible knowledge is very important, as sanctified, of course.

    So are you into arts and crafts also?

  7. Chris..........I am passionate about preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus in order to bring men to Christ.
    THAT brings glory to the Father because that is why He allowed Jesus to die for us that many sons might come to salvation.
  8. You know, it's all part of the mystery of the incarnation - God manifest in the flesh - how the Lord Jesus shares humanity with us - sin apart - and is able perfectly to sympathize with the human condition, so that, when our faculties are taken up by His grace, He deigns to use us as instruments in His service and in fulfilment of the Father's loving, gracious purposes, in the light of the Cross.
  9. One of my passions is cooking. How can it bring glory to God? If you tastes my cooking, you'd agree with me that it can't.

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  10. Not sure what you mean 'as sanctified'? I try to read the Bible in context and weigh all scripture so that I understand the whole Bible in context.

    Yes, I like arts and crafts. Some I admire more than I do and some I do. I've not done so much since I've become more ill etc but I still appreciate it in various ways...even the artistic part of computer programs etc. Do you like much art? Have you found it a blessing?

    Even if we are passionate about law / social issues, I've found that God uses those things...whatever gifts / talents He's given us. Really rather neat. :)
  11. Yes, true. I've always found it interesting how such a Creator ... God who created our world / nature did so in an incredibly creative way. E.G. Not just the function of the sky etc but the beauty of it and the way it works... a leaf and the tree and how that in turn works with the whole of the world etc. Fractal patterns and colours and such. It's all amazingly creative and awesome. God is good. ..amen. (y)
  12. Ha ha funny gal. :D ...silly... put a smile on my face. Thanks, I needed it more than you know. ;) God can use are cooking...keeps us and others from starving ...can even help us appreciate other food we eat ...if ours isn't so good. :D
  13. Haha thanks.
    ...by the by, I'm a guy.
  14. Hopeful1: It's the Spirit Who gives light and understanding of the Scriptures, with their meaning centred on the Person and work of the Lord Jesus.

    It's good when one's natural abilities are also taken up by the Lord in use for blessing in His purposes.
  15. ...oops...sorry... :oops: :)
  16. Of course.

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