What are you known for?

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  1. Its a simple question, but one that is often telling.

    Are you known for...
    ...what you are against?
    ...your sport team?
    ...your political stance?
    ...your job?
    ...your kids?

    Even odds are that you are known mostly for what you most talk about or for what you are most often seen doing.

    So, what are you known for?

    Do you talk about Jesus are show His love to others enough that they know you for that?
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  2. In school, I am known for how kind and funny I am (or was). People respect me a lot at school. But I am going to change my character to be more like Christ's.

    At home, I guess I am known for being annoying. My parents know that I read the Bible a lot, so that might be it as well.

    It's hard to know what you are known for, because only God can see people's hearts and minds. But maybe that's only me.
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  3. Good question eric.
    All the above I dont have except for the last question I hope people will know Jesus through me. In some way, shape or form....what about you?

    I think some people are more evangelistic than others cos they are talkers. I dont really talk all that much. But I think I cant keep quiet about Jesus cos he saved me.
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  4. Every single one of us needs to be known as someone who loves (walks in love) and who is merciful and forgiving and you can NOT walk in Love with out forgiveness and mercy.
    When we walk in the Love of God and learn to Love as God loves then people will see Him through us.

    Now then God also places in us talents and things we do better then most and if we are truly walking in His ways then we will excell in these area's as well and others should know us for these things as well.

    It is one thing to be known as one who Loves but it is all together a differtent thing to be known as one who pushes their ways ( Christian ) and in the end simply irritates all those who you come into contact with.

    DON'T BE FOOLED into thinking that just because you act all religious or think you are acting Christ like that you are reflecting Gods true light to others. LOVE IS THE KEY every single time.

    God Bless
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  5. Before my retirement, I was never a leader, but I was known for quietly and diligently working to my best ability. I was a team builder by being a team player, working for goals greater than what was on my desk. Eventually project leadership used me to build consensus among separate organizations.

    I was also thought to be a little square. When on business trips, other staff & I would often eat dinner together, after which most would go bar-hopping. I went back to my hotel and reported progress and issues to project management and prepare for activities for the next day.

    In retirement, my wife & I can stick close. I no longer have to leave her while I perform duties elsewhere.

    My wife ways I would give the shirt off my back for someone else. I don't know if that is true, but I do make a conscious effort to help others. Often unseen, but sometimes where others can take notice.

    We should all be known for showing His love. Each of us in the special, unique way the Lord chooses to use us.
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  6. Most likely an artist( not musically inclined artist..but a pencil,paper illustrator type artist)

    I'd draw alot at school so, I'd be tied to my art ..

    I draw alot at home soo, I'm it follows me back .
  7. I was also known as a shy girl at school so..yah.
  8. Well Eric,
    I think it is time to expand on this. I mean I know where you are going with this and I think it is AWESOME !! Now then it is sad that a legacy left would be only about human things.
    God Bless Brother and bring some more.
  9. I'm known for my ministerial position.
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  10. My reputation before others is mostly surrounding three main things: my joy (that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ), my infectious sense of humour and my artwork.
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    I had no set plans for where this question/s would lead other than getting folks to think so I hope I don't disappoint, but there is definately room for expansion. There is also ample room for self and group reflection.
    I've only been a member of this forum for a couple of months or so now, but there are people whose reactions (good or not so good) I can peg before they actually respond. I know them by their actions here.
    I have no doubt that there are others here who can say and do much the same because this is true everywhere that people regularly interact.

    All that said and all that aside we will never be known for being perfect, but we should be known for being like Jesus (or at least for consistently trying to be so).

    Questions that should follow "What are you known for?" are:
    "Why are you known that way?"
    "Does how you are known bring glory to Jesus?"

    This is true for each individual person and each individual assembly, church, and forum.
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  12. Its hard to do self examination on a forum. I think just let others commend you. Like, the type of threads you start, what scriptures you post or explain, how kind you are to others when they ask questions or are struggling, this is what we can tell on a forum.

    Not everybody will talk about themselves, ie what kind of job they have, how many kids, what country they are from...that kind of thing isnt always relevant, but we can say these things just in order to relate to one another.
  13. The flip side of such commendation is rebuke or suggestions for potential improvement. Each should be taken with some humility, but also with the proverbial grain of salt.
    We should be as open to correction as we are to commendation.
    Very true. Some just don't like to and some of us have a very hard time doing so.
    I had originally included a large section on how I was known as an example, but I edited it out after I posted.
  14. Well, on this forum the statement does say people will know we are christians by our love. As it says in the Bible.
  15. So I guess that means we talk about positive and encouraging topics...and leave doctrinal discussions to another forum.

    Positive and encouraging topics might include...

    How do we help other people?
    What brings a smile to your face?
    What you do to care for Gods creation..

    How do we stand against the enemy..?
    How do we prepare for the wedding supper?

    I dont know about you, but I always look forward to that. I like talking about Heaven.
  16. What about you as a person though. Surely you are much more than a job title in church?
  17. I'm not really known for anything else.
    People know I am a literature stickler, however this is where my presence with people ends.
  18. What...? Are you kidding?
    Pastors are pastors. They aren't people. Everyone knows that. They do not and can not have any other facets to them.

    Lol...Ignore that dripping sound you hear in the background. It's just the sarcasm of this post...
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  19. I'll expand on this.
    I hold seminars in the UK for other ministers etc. This is what people know me for, my teaching.
    Being a minister, I of course am known locally etc, but people know me for my work, nothing more.
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    I've been known for being hard working. I've also (largely since trying to accept Christ back in 87) as an idle alcoholic.

    I've been known for being a forecourt attendant, A hairy with a motorbike (sorted that one back in about 82), a trainee tool setter operator, a supposed "systems coordinator" at Hotpoint even (production control - MRP - I was a shop floor materials handler before.

    Football team has always been consistant - Norwich City, the Canaries, but I'm also known for refusing to call the American game with the oval ball as football without qualification.

    I've both been well received and done poorly as a floor singer and session player in folk music. Let's put it this way. Twice in all those years I've had a room in pin drop silence (it's quite eerie when it happens to that extent), I know when a room is with me and have had a standing ovation (literally). I've also messed things up.

    My brothers sometimes seem to think of me as Moriarty (Holmes even more intelligent brother)...

    But what am I known for with Christ? I'm covering a lot of time and was atheist until around 87 so lots of changes. Probably these days that stubborn individual who still maintains there are demons but I daren't talk about it. So just that fool with drink problems who still maintains Jesus Christ is the Son of God may be reasonable...
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