What Are You Afraid Of?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Stan, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. I wonder why so many do NOT post a current picture as their avatar?
  2. Because unlike you or I, at one time in their lives these people were good looking.
  3. Hey....I'm still good looking!
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    Vanity, stumbling and distraction.

    Vanity - So easily become obsessed with putting your best pic up. Best smile, pose and lighting. So difficult to get a humble picture. Like one with family or where your smile is not a smirk or put on.

    Stumbling - Clearly nobody that thinks they are ugly will put their picture up. Now we come along with our million dollar smiles while counselling them on...humility.

    Distraction - Having to look at my vein picture every time I post will drive me nuts :).
  5. Shouldn't the whole point be that OTHERS can see what you look like and make it a more personal environment?
    The internet is a relatively NEW environment. To me it's tantamount to going to a new church with a bag on your head!
    It's not about ugly or pretty, it's about openness and honesty and NOT trying to fool people.
    Your picture can only be VANE, if you feel that way.
    Come on KJ, you should not be bound by these negative feelings...post a pic, set yourself free! :cool:
  6. That pictures is pretty current of me. It's from April of 2012. I do not get in front of the camera much as I am generally on the other end.
  7. Well it's better than nothing Naomanos. If you have a webcam you can take a picture of yourself with it but I'm sure you can figure out how to do a self portrait.
    Thanks for your willing spirit though.
  8. I look the same as I did then. So it would not be any different, plus this one has me on a horse for the first time ever with my wife in the picture with me.

    It's a happy time and one that I like going back to in my time of depression.
  9. I love riding horses. Have many fond moments of doing that in my younger days. You both look like you're having a grand time.

  10. We were. Our trail ride happened while we were on our belated honeymoon (over two years late) and our first vacation to the mountains of north-eastern Georgia.

    We also went white-water rafting in Tennessee down the Ocoee River.
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  11. When I get a humble pic ile put it up and 'try' keep it up :cautious:.
  12. Haha, why can't people just use the pictures they like for their avatars?
  13. Because my cat is ever so much better looking than I am.
    He's also smarter, I work for a living, he lounges around in the sun all day.
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  14. How about that. We were just in Clayton Ga. about a month ago. We also have been down the Ocoee river. Good stuff!!!

    If you get back there, take the time to follow Hy. #64 from Franlin NC over to Cashiers NC. Wonderful place to see and go into waterfalls and rivers. But the water is really, really cold!
  15. Wasn't advocating they can't. Was just asking why so many DON'T use a pic of themselves?
    I guess it goes along with having a friendlier CFS.
    No offense Glomung but I would rather see your face than your cat's.
    There's the spirit!
  16. True. I wouldn't pin you as one to be facetious like that--you're a pretty good dude.
  17. Did you just call me a pretty dude?
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Yeh sorry she/he AIN'T pretty...but it was a hoot!

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