What are we praying for?

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  1. What are we doing with our prayer lives? Are we asking for things 'amiss' from the will of God? Are we praying for lost souls?

    I am guilty as charged. My prayer life has been null lately and it is taking its toll. Are we really considering others when you reach out to God? I am not saying that we shouldn't prayer for our own needs, but maybe if we sat down and committed to a 10% rule: 10% of our prayer time for ourselves and 90% for others. I wonder if God would be more tender to our personal requests?

    What about the current need around the world (and these are just a few, please add on) : the injured and survivors in Italy, the economic crisis in Venezuela, flood victims in Louisiana, the missionaries spreading the gospel on shoestring budgets around the world, Christian martyrs in the Middle East, etc....

    Please take time to pray for others; pray for your Church and Pastor- both will benefit YOU in the long run...

    Can you meet the challenge: 1 minute for your own needs 9 minutes for others?
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  2. How about making prayer time about God and building on our communication with Him and also praying for other things.
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  3. I like to set aside about an hour a day for specific prayer. For the rest of the day, I'm talking to God like I talk to an old friend... Love it!
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  4. The more of self we lay down, the more God will be revealed in us.
    In order for Him to increase, I must decrease. Amen

    Christ always put others before self. He thought nothing for His life, Father has all his needs and ours.
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  5. I like to pray for everyone and anyone, especially those who are spiritually lost, you can say I have a soft spot for them.

    Thanks for the reminder Brother Mike.

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