What Are These Special Abilities I Have?

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  1. Oh come on! Don't you have anything else to do than just scare me?
  2. Why do you persist in bringing them up?
  3. Well. Because it's really weird that when I feel like God is talking to me, people only say that it's the demons talking to me. Honestly, that sounds like blasphemy against the Holy Spirit to say that God's voice talking to me is a demon talking to me. I don't think the demons are talking to me and yesterday I got delivered from evil and the pastoress also prayed that I would be filled with the Holy Spirit even though I became born again in April.
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  4. Pastoress? So how do you feel Polly? Did you receive the Holy Spirit?
  5. I am not here to cause fear in you. I am merely telling you the truth. I am wondering---are your parents born again?
  6. I received the Holy Spirit in April, but I don't know why the Holy Spirit is not changing me... It feels like God wants me to help myself only... :/
    Yeah but not all the things what I experience in spirituality are from the demons or Devil. And no, my parents are not born again, they are Lutheran.
  7. God will change you as you submit to Him and His will for your life. You can learn of His will for you by spending time with Him in prayer, worship and reading His word. Fellowship with other believers is important also for your growth and stability in your walk with Jesus. Strong teaching from spiritual leaders that God places in your life will help you to know who you are in Christ and to know what ministry He is calling you to---everyone has a ministry.

    If what you experience or believe spiritually is not from God and His word, then it is from either the enemy or your own heart. That is the deal in life. There is the Lord, then what comes against Him and His truth is the devil and the human heart and mind.

    There are many Lutherans whoa re born again! I suppose what you are saying is that your parents claim an affiliation but they do not have a relationship with Jesus. You are at a point in your life where you need to begin to build relationships with other born again Christians---and strong ones.
  8. Hey guys..I talked with Polly on Skype today...she is as well-spoken as a person as I have ever met, I was really impressed with the sincere desires she has to know Christ and to be sincere in her faith...I also gave her a number to one of the most powerful and Spiritual ministries in the world and they broke the power of certain demonic forces that attacked her as they prayed with her. Now I say that things are changing in Pollys life daily...she has a ways to go but the battle is won, if she stays in faith and learns some simple obedience in certain things...Glory to God alone, in all things.
  9. Praise God.
  10. I am thanking God right now. I pray that she will receive ongoing spiritual support.
  11. Polly, in my opinion the changes that the Holy Spirit produces in us are gradual and can take the rest of our lives to be completed. Sometimes God can change something in us almost immediately, while in some other cases it can take decades. When you believed and accepted Jesus as your Savior you were sealed with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13-14). Just let the Holy Spirit guide you. It make take patience, but patience is a good thing for a Christian, since we have a great hope ahead of us.
  12. Honestly there's no formula except that you must know the written word of God so you can know Jesus and His promises to you. We can try and help, but we're sinners, and the Holy Spirit is the only one that can say what you need to hear and He can only do that through the written word of God until you learn to hear His voice. Skip all the sites and read the word of God. Start in the Psalms and stay there. When you have a question, ask the Holy Spirit with your voice "what does this mean" and wait on Him to give you and idea to meditate over. Too many read the word of God like a cheap novel. Read it slowly. Search out my thread on meditation. It's the ONLY way you're going to hear God, through Meditation and quiet undisturbed reflection.
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  13. But how am I suppossed to read the Bible? Because I will never remember the words or the less important things that are told in the Bible after reading. I will only remember the sins listed in the Bible and the things what Jesus did in the Bible.
  14. Ok, thanks. :3

    But please, people. Let's only talk about spiritual and faith things about me. Let's not talk about anything else about me, please... Just a reminder.
  15. You need to trust God to bring to your mind the things you have read in His word. Just keep reading it---prayerfully, asking God to teach you and lad you in His truth---and H will enable you to grasp some deep truths that you never thought possible before!
  16. That's just an excuse and you'll never be free if you do not start. You will NOT be able to understand everything, that's where prayer and meditation comes in. You must start. Read Psa 23 and re-read it every day for a month. Think throughout the day what you read and you'll begin to understand. If you don't start you'll never grow.
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    Amen to that. Polly, I'd like to add that committing what you read to memory---such as Psalm 23---would also be a great way to occupy your mind, and having truth which is alive in you is the best thing! It will be there for you whenever you need the truth of it to draw on in your life's experiences. You'd be replacing the crud with something good and right and alive! It's all part of obeying God in His command for us to renew our minds! :)
  18. By reading the Words they will become part of you and the Spirit will recall them when needed.
  19. Jos 1:8 This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

    Psa 119:9 How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word.
  20. That was really mean and you know it..

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