What Are These Special Abilities I Have?

Discussion in 'Holy Spirit Baptism and Living' started by Polly, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. So in 2010, I started having a lot of Deja Vus, and it scared me a lot that my dreams came true. I had some prophetic dreams. They still continued in 2011 and also 2012 a bit.

    But in 2012, I developed this ability of predicting things or something. It was the thing that when I think about a word or a situation or a thing, the thing or word appears or is told or the situation happens. However, in 2012 I was a witch, and these were probably psychic abilities... In the end of 2013, I had A LOT of prophetic dreams and psychic abilities, but I think I was possessed that time...

    When I became saved (2014), these psychic abilities disappeared and I wasn't able to predict anything for several weeks, but now about a month ago, I got again this ability of predicting things. It is the thing that I get an intuition about something happening and also the thing that the word or thing I think about appears and the situation I thought about happens and I get prophetic dreams too, and I also feel like I am able to perform miracles with my hands, but the miracles don't happen yet.

    Are these the gifts of the Holy Spirit? Is it possible that I will later get the ability of performing miracles too? And today when I asked in Microsoft Answers that if I am hacked from Omegle, a person said that it's very unlikely to get hacked from Omegle, and then I got this feeling that something says to me that I should believe that guy's answer in Microsoft Answers...
  2. Am quick to open the thread as I thought at first a young lady opening a thread on responsibilities? : )

    Oh yeah, it was "abilities"....
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  3. Yes. Too quick. :D I am wondering what are these special abilities what I mentioned... :/
  4. With all the demonic activity in your life I would say it isn't coming from God.
  5. But some day I can get the prophetic abilities from God.
  6. Schizophrenia?
  7. I am not diagnosed with Schizophrenia and also, these abilities of predicting things are not delusions.
  8. When you have the holy spirit working in your life maybe
  9. So what was it when you were a witch?
  10. Maybe demons telling me things.
  11. Something is telling me that I never got hacked from Omegle. And I feel like this information that I never got hacked is something true and accurate. Who is telling me this?
  12. Oh Polly,

    I hope you listen to me. The devil can still give you thoughts and then he can fulfill them. If you get a thought "it's going to rain in 10 mins" and it happens, you think "wow! I've got something" but it's a game he's playing to get you back into his realm. Satan cannot create so he imitates just like a magician with smoke and mirrors. Your life was so filled with these things you must put them away before he succeeds in sucking you into his game. You need to focus on Jesus, the word of God and pray. Stop with these quests and questions which keep you from doing sacrificial studies. You need to take control of your mind. Do your own homework (i.e. scriptural study) and stop second-hand feeding off of others. I gave you real prophecy last month and you marked it as disagreed, but it happened. I'm afraid for you because I know, if you don't stop, it won't be good. Ignore me, block me, disregard me, but despite what you think I've only wanted to help you.
  13. Then I guess I actually GOT hacked and there is nothing I can do... D:
  14. Polly this has NOTHING to do with that. Did you not read what I wrote? You're focusing on the wrong thing. I'm praying for you.
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  15. This is NOT from the Holy Spirit.
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  16. That is nothing you can know right now.
  17. I see.

    And I read it. And now I understand. But does God tell you that I was hacked from Omegle or not?
  18. I have no idea and I haven't asked. Why are you missing the point only going back to "omegle" whatever that is? Focus on what I said, not what you think you understand. Keep focused.
  19. Because I don't have friends in real life and Omegle is pretty amusing and I like to say funny and absurd things in Omegle. XD

    But how do I know if God is talking to me? I just asked Him in my mind that if I got hacked from Omegle, and then about 20 seconds later, I got an "no" answer. And demons cannot read minds. That's why we always have to say Jesus's name out loud when there are demons.

    And Omegle is the chatting website where the computer itself picks the person for the person to talk, and there is this question mode where people can ask questions and then 2 people will answer something or talk about the question, but in the question mode people also can write statements or other sentences.
  20. Demons can introduce thoughts and impressions to minds, and can carry on conversations in minds.
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