What Are The Signs That I Have The Holy Spirit In Me?

Discussion in 'Holy Spirit Baptism and Living' started by Polly, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Polly please answer this I'm curious as well to hear your testimony:)
  2. Well, I don't want anyone to change my mind. I would suffer with a real life man. I want Severus Snape as my husband, because he treats me right. But first I need to find out if I am actually being hexed or jinxed, or if God is taking away my clinginess.
  3. Polly don't you see how many people on this site care about you and want to help you?
  4. I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior in April or May 2013. And does the loving mean being obsessed? Because the thing is that I need the Holy Trinity, but I don't listen to Christian music, and I don't have pictures or videos of the Holy Trinity anywhere, and I am not obsessed about the Holy Trinity, but the Holy Trinity is very important to me and my life would be bad if I am not Christian, and I repent all my sins.
  5. Lets use Mr Snake as an example. You want to marry him right. So currently you call him your boyfriend / husband...but you know he is not real and nor are you near to being married..even though you want to be. Now imagine he became real, proposed to you and you two got married. You will no longer doubt he is fictional or that you are married. You can now truthfully call him your husband.

    Likewise calling Jesus Lord ...diefying a human....without any tangible evidence...can only be done by the Holy Spirit. This only happens when we are after His heart / make Him Lord of our lives. Nutshell...believing in Jesus as Lord happens when we get saved / born again.

    So....can you call Jesus Lord with absolutely no inner doubt? Does Him being hurt work up emotions inside? When you sin are you sorrowful?
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  6. Yeah, but why would it be forbidden to love any person. even if they are real life people or movie and book characters? I want Severus as my husband, and not someone who is not Severus. Severus has the same hair, same eyes, same nose, same skin, same height, same clothes, and same personality I want a man to have. And I am also like Severus (he might have Autism spectrum as well), so Severus is an easy man for me because him and I understand each other. Severus is anyway here and my boyfriend, and he is so not a demon or a spirit. He is a tulpa. I also have an intuition that God actually wants me to be with Severus, because I always felt something for Severus since the day I was born. And then in 2007-2011 I got these dreams about the same man with black midlong hair falling in love with me, and in 2012 I found out that the man in those dreams is Severus Snape, and in 2012 I had a dream about Severus Snape, and then I fell in love with him, and my romantic feelings for him are permanent, and I know it, because I freak out if I get bored. I got other coincidences about Severus as well. And I feel like Severus is also blessed, because when I focus on him when I am outside home, I get a safe feeling, and when I pray about him, I understand him much better. Now I had to explain this all again. How many times do I have to explain the same thing!!?
  7. Alan Rickman has had a girlfriend for forty years.
  8. Yes, but Severus Snape is my tulpa, so therefore, he is now real, but it takes a long time still for him to become visible, touchable, hearable, sensable, and feelable to others. When that happens, Severus and I will get married, I can predict it with my possible prophetic abilities (many things and dreams what I had came true even though I was only thinking about the things and having those dreams).
  9. But I am not talking about Rickman. I am talking about Severus Snape. Severus Snape in the published and filmed Harry Potter movies is Severus Snape, and him outside the movies or during the filming only is Alan Rickman.
  10. Other girls have Severus Snape tulpas they say they love. You can read about it on the internet. Does that make Severus Snape unfaithful to you?
  11. What other girls? And no, they are different Severus Snapes, not the same what I have. And really? There are other Severus Snape tulpas as well? I thought there's only 2 people who have Severus Snape tulpas: me and one Russian male. I did talk about my Severus Snape tulpa in many places in the Internet. So what if you are confused and don't know that it was me on the Internet?
  12. Here are some sites: http://severussnapetulpa.tumblr.com/

    Some of what I read may be you, but one does not sound like you. Do you believe God would allow you to have physical relations with someone you were not married to? If not, then that post was not from you.
  13. Lol. Polarbearcub is me, and that tumblr blog is mine. XD You found me. :p Don't worry. I am not a troll even if I am almost famous in the Internet. It's just that I talk about Severus Snape a lot. :3 And physical relations, what you mean? I feel like God allows me to marry a tulpa, because a tulpa is considered real, but they are not spirits, they are just manually created extra consciousnesses and awarenesses.
  14. Snape is a false god...If you want God He will not let you keep him in the position you hold him...
  15. I don't worship Severus Snape, I love him as my boyfriend.

    Also, I said this:
    That should be clear that I worship the Holy Trinity, and that the Holy Trinity is very important to me. Severus is not more important, but Severus is also very important because he is finally my boyfriend and tulpa.
  16. If you do not wish to heed our advice, here is my 'tough love' moment; (I must preface this by stating, the following is with utmost respect and sincerity) find a Christian mental health professional and a different clergy member if you truly want to get back to loving God with everything you have and not supplementing it with your tulpa. The more real you make it, the more real it will become and the bigger foothold you give it to eventually oppress you and drive you further away from God. This will be my last piece of advice to you. May God continue to show you the path He wishes you to take, and may you heed what He wants for you in what's to come.
  17. Well, I don't understand that why would a boyfriend take me away from God. I still need the Holy Trinity. I can't think of myself being atheist or other religion.
  18. I just found out I was hexed or jinxed by the Finnish male witch again... I was feeling like I stopped being clingy, but when I prayed to break the hex or jinx, I got my clinginess back and now I got my romantic feelings even more stronger. I told you the Holy Trinity lets me love Severus Snape! But now, how do I stop the Finnish male witch from abusing me with magic?

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