What am I to do?

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  1. What am I to do?

    This is the best place that I know of to get advice from so here goes. I play guitar in the Praise and Worship group at our church. Lately I have been told that my guitar is not heard at all in the mix. I finally checked it out and it is true. I went to the sound man and our P&W leader and nothing has changed. I am thinking about quitting the team because it is a waste of time and effort going to practice and playing two services on Sunday morning if I don't add to the mix. I feel foolish playing an "Air Guitar", so to speak.

    Now before you start telling me that its not about me, and that Christ hears me even if nowone else does, I can assure you that I do not have a rock star ego. I just see no sense in playing if I can't be heard. Its just silly.

  2. Your playing is worship to God and if seen in that light it takes on a new importancey- but that is between you and God pray about it- if He wants you to continue perhaps you should talk to someone higher up about your problem- blessings- brother Larry
  3. if your not happy ,stop .get happy.:)
  4. I agree with thisquote, but I also wanted to remind you that the Bible says, promotion comes not from the east, nor the west, but from God. although this is a very tough situation, all I can say is keep your faith in God, He knows your heart, and He knows what you need and when.
  5. Is it possible that they do not really want to hear the guitar, but they are afraid of offending you?

    I once attended a church that held two service: one for the "old folk" where they used only a piano, organ, and sang hymns..... and one for the "young people" where a christian rock band led praise and worship and was free to make the music as heavy as they liked and use any contemporary song of their choosing.

    I don't know what type of guitar you are playing (bass, acoustic, electric, etc.) but I could see where some types may not be desired in some churches, but they do not want to accidentally offend someone who has a passion for using his talent to worship God. Maybe there is a better place you can share your talent/ use your talent for God (i.e. youth group praise and worship).
  6. Bookworm, I would agree with you. I don't believe you are the type who is trying to receive fame you just want to serve, but you do not seem to be serving. I would go to a higher level of leadership so you get a direct answer to your question and if you find out that they are killing the guitar sound because they do not want it I would step down. I would think sitting or standing there in front of everyone playing an "Air Guitar" would be considered "all show" and not worship and I don't believe your heart is aimed in that direction.
    I will keep you in prayer, God Bless!
  7. Who are you playing for???? Answer that and you have your answer about if you should be playing.

    For Him
  8. Cliff,
    I know who I am playing for but I do not need to attend an 8:00 and a 10:30 Am service every week to do it.

    I play 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar and we play mostly contemporary Christian music so I don't believe that the problem is that the people don't wan't to hear guitars.

    I guess I will just have another talk with them and if they don't need me there, I will just bow out.

  9. Steve,

    I understand what you mean completely, but don't be so sure that they are doing it on purpose.

    I play drums and sometimes bass guitar in our worship team. I also do two services in the morning, plus practices and extra services, etc. I can understand how you would feel it a waste if they can not hear you. The acoustic is very important to me as the drummer since it really drives the rhythm of the song in many of the modern worship songs.

    In our case, we have a total decibel limit that we are not supposed to go over because of the acoustics in our sanctuary. They don't want to freak anyone out with it being "too loud" on a Sunday morning. Therefore, the sound guys are constantly cutting back on everything, and on the occasional week I am not playing and am in the congregation I keep thinking "wow, this is really not loud enough, and I can barely hear the acoustic or piano in the mix at all. Then after a few songs, including some slower songs where you can hear more individual instruments, I realize that they were just all blending together to make the "core" sound. Now that said, I personally would like it mixed better and louder, but I understand the reasons they do it. I just take my opportunities to let my voice be heard (in a nice way of course).

    Just talk to the Worship Pastor again, and tell him how you really feel. Just like you did here with us. He will give you an honest answer if you are straight with him.

    As the others said, in the end you already know who you are playing for, and I have no doubt that you being up there is helping lead someone into worship with Him every time.

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