what advice would you give to a Christian who struggles with alcohol?

Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by 福井舞, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Cigarettes arent cheap yet people still smoke. I guess if you are addicted, money is no object.

    Alcohol is in a lot of things these days. Perfume, beauty products, medicine, hand santiser, methalated spirits...

    The smell of it puts me off.
  2. I would pray to God. God taught me that alcohol is no way to relieve the sadness that you are experiencing. I use to have friends who drink a lot, but ever since I moved, my friends stopped contacting me and I stopped drinking with them.
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  4. Yea these people need new, non-drinking friends. Christian friends. so maybe if you befriended someone who is struggling with addiction, you meant to be friends with them and lead them away from temptation. Find better things to do than drink..get some sort of hobby going or social activity that does not require alcohol or being around it.

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