what advice would you give to a Christian who struggles with alcohol?

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  1. one thing I have learnt about alcoholism is that the excess consumption is only the surface symptom. ( I don't drink by the way)

    most alcoholics don't become depend on alcoholic because they like the taste of it, or enjoy partying too much ( though that is possible).

    most of the time people resort to alcohol because there are certain things going in life that they feel they have no control over, they feel helpless, they feel hopeless, and by drinking, it temporarily transport to a alternative reality where the problems don't exist, so they could cope with their life.

    that is why one thing I have learnt that is never helpful when trying to help someone with alcoholism is simply tell them to quit.

    but what do you do when you know there is nothing you can do to help them remove the problem?

    btw I guess I am more asking about how to help that person do what they need to do in terms of their faith.

    other practical things that could help are AA meetings, but that is not what I am concentrating on......
  2. 福井舞 I would start with prayer.

    I would carefully mention that they are above the drinking. What I mean by that is - too much drinking of alcohol brings a person down when they are lifted up in their faith by God Almighty. That is one way I keep my alcohol struggle in check.

    Another thing that helps me, and God has done a great deal helping me with this, is I don't have the means or money to purchase alcohol. I go out of my way to ensure I can't get it in the first place. Just something I do and God has taught me this because at times I'm too weak. This probably won't help you with your friend, but if it does, I'm just throwing it out there.

    A big problem with drinking is the struggle with obsessive/compulsive tendencies. The mind or thinking plays a major role in making the drinker think he/she needs alcohol. That's where the mind is powerful, thought takes a person in a certain direction. That is why scripture teaches us to renew our mind and why it is so critical to be embedded in the Word of God, and to have it written in our being.

    Words, especially the Word of God carries power. It was The Word Of God that brought things/life/everything into existence. I can't stress enough how important it is to know and memorize scripture to think upon when temptation rears it's ugly head.

    Seek the Kingdom of God first.

    I hope and pray this will be helpful; and of course, filter this through your spirit and the Word because I'm not there, I don't know exactly your situation, and I wish the best for you and those in your life. Amen.

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  3. Also, there is an alternative to AA; it's called 'Celebrate Recovery'. It is a Christian orientated organization for different obstacles we encounter. I won't post a link, but you can enter it into a search engine(google) to see what you can find.
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  4. Drunks don't drink to feel good, they drink to feel nothing.
    Take it from someone who knows.
  5. God has sent me a believer struggling with this problem. It's tough assignment I tell you.

    Well of course I tell them to quit i.e. stop ...and then once they quit then you can deal with the underlying problem.
    Because they still have the urge.
    The urge is not of God.
    So that demon needs to be cast out. Yet some prefer to keep their demons close. They are used to it.

    I would pray. Ask God to have mercy and help them and convict them, take away the desire to drink. Then let them know that Jesus is always there and he defeated Satan on the cross. Tell them the gospel again, for Jesus paid the price so they don't have to die from drink.

    Some advice I gave..I can't tell you if its working or not but I pray it will...the addict needs to replace the addiction with something else, think on things pure and lovely etc. So, if drinking, suggest they drink tea instead, or lemonade, or other alternatives. Preferably water. Stay away from temptation. If heavily addicted they will be in a state of withdrawal.

    often people are wounded and hurting from the past so I would ask Jesus to heal those wounds and also any sins confessed be sure that Jesus forgives them as they are repented of. Remind them that God is in control. Check if they understand Jesus is their Lord and saviour. So many believe yet they don't believe that Jesus is Lord and thus think they have licence to sin. No, we are to lead holy lives and He is able to give us a new life so we don't follow our old ways anymore. They must be born again. Then instead of the hunger or craving for the bottle they will be hungry and thirsty for His Word.

    Got to be firm with alcoholics. Don't have any sympathy for the devil, he likes to whinge and moan and be full of self-pity. Show them love and a more excellent way. The first step is to acknowledge their sin to God. You, who do not drink, must tell them that your were in that same space when you were in unbelief and a sinner. Denial is not a river in Egypt...pray with them. If they laugh at you, just keep on praying. You see something in them that Jesus thinks is worth saving. He never gives up.
  6. I work with addicts on a daily basis. We dont call them drunks.
  7. Good for you.
    I'm sure your mother is very proud.
  8. AA meetings are good because they try tackle the root cause. That is the beginning and end to dealing with any destructive addiction. If we have a headache do we try drink more water / gaze less at monitors or just take painkillers? This is why God does not just heal someone of an addiction. God wants the hurt and intent dealt with. That can be instant if our hearts desire His will over ours.
  9. what would the root cause of alcoholism be?
  10. Is there some specific scriptures that is useful in these situations?

    Please post them here if you find them.
  11. I'm trying to figure out what makes one of my friends drink. I'm thinking the root cause is rejection and rebellion in his case, but maybe there is something else. Is there any specific named demon that causes alcoholism? I had to deal with rejection and rebellion in my own life but never drank alcohol to deal with it, so there must be something else.
  12. I´d say that it´s just a way how to (try to) solve some crisis. It may be inherited but some people (some tempers) just tend to try this. So there is a problem (he feels rejected and wants to rebel), he searches for possible solutions and tries alcohol.
  13. I am thinking it is his irish heritage.
    I am chinese so alcohol affects me in a different way it never gives me a buzz so avoid it. Asian ppl have this gene apparently that does not process alcohol so get no pleasure from it, if there is any..I suspect most people don't like it.
  14. There is no "demon of alcoholism". They all would like to see all humans falling down drunk constantly.
    Demons are very generic in their habits, they cause any trouble they can, any way they can, and hate everyone unconditionally.
  15. We all have bents that are influenced by demons and they've had a lot more practice at than we have.
  16. oh ok.
    How would you get rid of the plague of alchoholism? Prohibition - was it a good thing or a bad thing?
    Raise the drinking age? Tax it really high? Restrict it, ban it, put warning labels on it? make it socially unacceptable?
    encourage tea drinking instead? Have wells where people can drink water and meet there instead of alcohol? Have non-alcoholic cocktail bars?
    Publish all alcohol related deaths on a separate list every week?
    Label it poison?
    Boycott it? Embargo it? Mark places as alcohol free? provide better alternatives and non-alcoholic wines and beers? Serve it with food only?
  17. It's very sad how alcohol is abused to relieve feelings. It's important to remember that there are specialist groups out there that can help.
    But praying will also help ones ability to seek help to combat alcoholism before it gets too out of hand.
    I think one of the problems is how cheap alcohol is to buy which can obviously cause addictions.
  18. One thing I have also learned, or been taught, is that no amount of drugs or alcohol will get you/me to where you want to be.
  19. alcohol isn't cheap!
    It's really expensive, it adds up, I don't know how ppl can afford to drink. In my country anyway.
  20. In the UK it's really cheap; well some are. I think that's the problem in some countries. I think the more expensive it is, more people will be turned off of it...maybe.

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