What a refreshing atmosphere it is to have this community to call home on the net :)

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  1. I've been on the road with work for the last few days. When I had a bit of spare time I would browse search engines looking for Christians in community to see if I might occupy my time in more than one forum.
    I tell you that there is a very great positive to have a forum like this that is for Christians only. The church of Christ in community in the midst of a diverse eclectic secular world is a God send.

    I happened on communities bearing the banner of Christian and yet the majority of the population were not so. Be they bearing non-Christian faith labels or very clearly not of Christ due to their behavior and lack of knowledge of scripture. Or respect for that matter.

    The world is populated with a diverse community of persons. It is an invaluable respite to find a place of sanctuary on-line that is dedicated to the love and spirit of Christ and for Christians only. There's enough conflict in the real world so that a sanctuary where Christians can meet even from behind monitors is a treasure.

    This seems to be a bit of a rant as it were but I just got back home this morning and now in the quiet of the evening I wanted to express my gratitude for this place. And the family in Christ who make it special.

    God be praised and thank you all for being here. May his grace and blessings abide with everyone here. In Jesus name, Amen! And Amen! [​IMG]
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  2. Thank you for your kind words. CFS has always aimed at being the premier Christian only forum on the web and we're pretty close. We ensure that this is a friendly community with nothing but love and kindness for one another.
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  3. That's why I've been here since 2008 :cool::D
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  4. 5Wolves - the staff at CFS has been dedicated to maintaining Christian values since the forum was founded in 2005. Our senior staff has been here for many years keeping things running smoothly. Our daily tasks, behind the scenes, are largely unknown to general members, but the safety and security of our membership here is our primary goal and we deal with non-Christian attacks and covert infiltration nearly every day. While I can not go into detail, let me just say that we have very effective 'tools' at our disposal that keeps CFS safe for it's members. We are proud to call CFS our Christian home on the internet and may God bless us all as we face more and more anti-Christian activities in our daily lives from truly bad persons and groups from around the world.
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  5. And you all are doing a wonderful job in a no win position!
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  6. :love: Thank you all for your responses and insight. God Bless.
  7. Hi 5Wolves,

    I know just what you mean - to have a friendly Christian community, family. I have been on other forums & this is the friendliest, yet still being able to discuss different thoughts & views without aggressive behaviour.

    So appreciate all the behind the scenes work by the Moderators etc. A big thank you, brothers & sisters.

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  8. Smiley Man.png
    I'm with you...
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