What A Glorious Day!

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  1. We started off with breakfast at the Church, said our prayers, cleaned up and then hit the town.

    It is a beautiful day that the Lord has made in Western New York. We split up into groups and knocked doors for about 1/8 of the village we live in. Most people were very receptive that actually answered the door. We left lots of tracts in between doors; and only ONE door slam! AMEN!

    Thank you Lord for a glorious day. I pray that you move in the hearts of the people we reached out to today. I think of those at the hospital we visited and hope that your work will prevail there. I think of the teens we talked to and the young children, parents and grandparents-please increase our ministry Lord. Please use us a tools for your trade. All glory and praise and honor go to Father. In Jesus Christ's name I pray.
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  2. " So it was with the early disciples. The Holy Spirit changed them from ordinary individuals into firebrands for God. Their faith and zeal started a conflagration that spread throughout the Roman Empire.
    Their secret? Total submission to Jesus Christ and His will. What keeps you from being used of God to touch your world for Christ?"

    Billy Graham
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  3. thats amazing, it always exhilirating to talk to people about Christ, I guess it's the mix or nervousness and excitment, well atleast for me^^..but keep on doing God's work...and like you said many people are receptive, when i asked people if they wanted to know about Christ some were open to listening. But, good job..not many people do what you're doing
  4. We NEED seed planters, waterers and harvesters.....
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  5. I really admire you for doing something like this, personally I don't think I would have the guts and willpower to do so.
  6. I am coward to tell the truth...it is by the movement of the Spirit that allows for days like that.....

    So few those days seem to be? Father forgive me.....

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