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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Where is the Messiah, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. I'm no longer a new member, but now I am a well known member. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I guess I should give shout outs.

    I'd first like to thank God for leading me to this great forum. I'd like to thank the mods for not banning me. I'd like to thank all the atheists for motivating me to post. Also like to give a thank the following in no particular order, Major, Brother_mike_V, Mitspa, Glomung, Where is the messiah, ixoye_8, AllieWi, SweetPea, Brian Kurkjian, Silk, God call me olivia, Justpassingthru, Candelario Mario Villa, Intojoy, polly, michaelH, TubbyTubby, KingJ, Abdicate, Jesus Freak, Brother Paul, Calvin, Sal, Huntingteckel, Tressa, Jeremiah7, Roads, Fadington, Bro.tan.

    PS. If anyone can explain the point system here, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks have a blessed day!
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  2. They delete points for every icon change.
  3. When you replace cute bears with ugly clowns you lose 10 points because you are harming the happiness of others.
  4. I find it hilarious that you thanked yourself, yet I'm not surprised. Thank you for bringing some humor to this forum! :D
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  5. I almost forgot. When you do your post by texting and driving you lose fifty points each time for risking the lives of others. So you are at about negative 40,000 right now. You can gain your points back however by doing community service to show repentance to the people in your community who you have risked the lives of.
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  6. Well I didn't drive and text yesterday, I don't think. I did go jogging and texting, is that okay?
  7. Great! You probably are back up to negative 39,990 points. Keep on going.
  8. How many points before I can apply to be a mod?
  9. Probably about 10 years of community service, but they may waive it if you go directly to them to ask. Maybe a sincere heart that wants to help will get you a good amount of points. Why don't you go to the about us tab under moderators and ask them.
  10. I didn't know about the about us tab. Out of all the forums I have ever been on, I've posted most on this one.

    On another forum that is for internet marketing, I'm a pro member and only have 500 or so posts. I guess I like being around Christians more. :)
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  11. I am glad you are here. I agree this is a great forum and it is great that you want to help out. You bring a lot of humor here which is refreshing. I also like that you pull up the old threads rather than discounting them as being done with.
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  12. Whoa!!!!!! We got a winner hehehehehe. The prize is 500,000 pts! I'll thro an extra chili on the grill 4 ya :)
  13. I hope it's a hot chili. I'm not into any of those weak chilies
  14. US California guys are like dragons. We spit fire!
  15. So you finally made it? all that brown-nosing got you to the top? Well just remember "pride goeth before a fall" ...;)

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