Well its September... should we get the tin foil hats out ^~^

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  1. Jk jk....

    But we've entered September... And many say this month is it...

    However I still agree with the whole, no one knows the day or hour verse...

    How will you spend September.. Also this is the month of me and my brother's birthday...so..I'll be taking him n myself out.
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  2. Yup let's see what we have brewing:
    Pope on the day of atonement.
    Giant meteor on the way. (Lol)
    Blood moon.
    Financial crash.
    Nuclear war with China/Russia.

    Got popcorn? Check.
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  3. Lololol...hmm how would you lil your popcorn..lightly butter? XD
  4. well, I went duck hunting this morning like the past few Septembers, and I'll continue with my day praising God regardless of the date
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  5. Duck hunting...interesting
  6. I would be much more concerned about how bad 2017 is going to be.
  7. Why 2017?

    What can beat a blood moon lining up with a feast that celebrates His return? :coffee:

    Well I guess most asked what could beat the Mayan / free mason calendar in 2012 and Ragnarok in Feb 2014 too.
  8. Well I am definitely putting in leave for a few days before hand. Fasting, praying and racing my bosses car are on the cards.
  9. Obama chip not a hoax???
  10. Obama chip? Like a smart ship that dogs have only for humans?
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  11. Vacationing in Spain then Florida for a month :D God is so good!!!

    Get the foiled hats out towards the end of the month :p
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  12. Here is my prediction. I think the Pope is going to make strong suggestions before congress to keeping Sunday holy (in direct opposition to the Lords commandments) as a means to combat climate change (that what he did in his encyclical) since, as the argument goes, climate change is a moral issue. But I could be wrong. Guess we will have to wait and see.

  13. Man Spain!!!!! Take pics...i could only dream of going to Spain.
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  14. Only God knows the exact dates and we should not worry too much, but an extra dosage of prayer never hurt anyone. ;)
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  15. I believe I've already mentioned this article on CFS but I can't find it anywhere:

    Planets Aligned to Form Jesus on the Cross With Halo on Day of Crucifixion


    Well, I recently saw a YouTube video in which the late Sister Faustina Kowalska claimed that Jesus Christ told her that a cross would appear in the skies shortly before His return.

    Could this be it?!
  16. It happens every 300 years. Disregard anything that Faustina Kowalska said about the end times. What is needed to be said about the tribulation is found in the Word, and only in the word.

    Don't worry about the date, Only the Lord knows, and only He needs to know. Just keep on witnessing to the ends of the earth, we aren't guaranteed tomorrow, why worry about the rapture?
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  17. No it isn't it. That celestial alignment supposedly took place 2000 years ago.
  18. That happens ever 333 years was also said in the article. So if it is a sign then He has missed it over and over and over again. l0l
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  19. smiley_aahl.gif
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  20. I couldn't agree more and even Jesus said so: 'You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed.' (Matthew 24:6).

    I have to admit, however, that the number of (possible) signs is impressive and all these theories are fascinating.
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