Well hello there

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by JG27_chili, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Well hello there

    I just wanted to introduce my self. My name is Matt all my friends call me Chili. You will find out later. I was saved in 92 during a retreat. Got H2O baptised last year on laborday at the church camp out. Man that was fun we made most of the campers mad because we had a church service up at the picnic area. They tried to shutus down and couldn't so the camp owner joined us. To his surprise and our expectation he got Blessed. He said we can come any time and hold services. God is good eh?!
    I just had to lay that upon you brothers n sisters. I got alot to share in future posts. So for now good bye.
    Your brother Chili.:D
  2. Welcome to the Christian site, Matt.
  3. Where-ya-at Big Chili! It is good to see you here!
  4. :welcome:
  5. [​IMG]Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to reading your posts!
  6. Hi Chili, I'm new here too. I nickname all my kids. My son's name is Charles. I didn't want Chuck or Chas like normally people. So about an hour after he was born, I was holding him and it came to me... Chili! I will dub him Chili. He's been Chili ever since.
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