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  1. Welcomes

  2. I really love that one from Violet:
    (I wish I had it plain)- like yogurt :D
  3. This one IS plain (like yogurt) Dear Sylv......
    no sparlkes ~ :D
    I can change the color, you know,,,,,,

  4. Thanks dear sister :D
    I meant...without the word 'Welcome' in it..:p
  5. OH!!!!!!!!! :D HMMMM..............
  6. I think I can remove that "Welcome" if you like....
    Let me know!
  7. The blue roses are spectacular!:D
  8. They are as beautifull as Violet's heart :D
    If you could dear, that would be super great :)
  9. Brother Sylv,
    I posted them in "Garden" and if you want them different, brighter, smaller, whatever, just let me know! :)
  10. Wow, Violet, this is fantastic !!!

    Thanks a bunch :D

  11. YOU, My dear friend are welcome very much! :)
  12. :DPerhaps you should create some get out or get lost logos for some of these crazies that have been attacking our site!:cool:
  13. I feel more welcome already!:D
  14. Hey, Maybe you're on to something!!! :)

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