Welcome To Hell

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by freedom07, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Welcome To Hell

    I know this topic has probably been posted before, but it seems that in the "Church" today there seems to be a lot of focus on "People Pleasing" and most stay away from the fact that we are ALL sinners and we need to repent. There will be a judgment day and by not being told by the church leaders that we could face an eternal life in Hell, the we are not being prepared the way Jesus taught.
    So for those who are being taught that everything is wonderful and you are guaranteed a perfect eternal life in Heaven. Welcome To Hell!

  2. I think the real thing would be hotter-
  3. You make a great and ultimate point~Christianity has been turned into a "self-help" fad, how to live life better, and we miss the bigger picture.

    Christ said He came to give us life, and that more abundantly, and yet we can fail to regard all He said, and He spoke of eternity often.

    Hell is real, the Lake of Fire is real...:jesus-cross:
  4. Self help is the antithesis of true christiantiy
    Churches who teach self help are feeding the flesh- if we could do it ourselves Jesus wouldn't have died for our sins- we are called to die to the old man not build him up.
  5. Actually we have some say in what we are feed- find a church that follows the heart of Jesus and get planted there!
  6. That can be easier said than done, many "seem" ok on the surface...
  7. Hell will be a lot worse than anytone can ever imagine...

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