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  1. Hello, all

    Just a quick "hello" from a newbie. I chose the name RadicalChristian not because I'm radical, in any political sense, but because I tend to take Jesus' commands seriously--and, in comparison to the world (not to you guys, of course) I may SEEM radical.

    Anyway, I look forward to sharing with you all and having dialogue. God bless, Vic (RadicalChristian.)
  2. Welcome to the Christian Forum Site. :israel:
  3. Hi and a big ole welcome to CFS.
  4. Welcome to the boards Radical!
  5. Welcome "Radical" from another radical:)!


  6. Welcome to the forum Radical! From your brother in Australia! :israel:
  7. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the site!
  8. Welcome to the forums...

  9. Welcome. Or should I say, welcome back! You've been gone awhile.
    I'm a radical Christian too, no half way about it for me! No siree
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  10. Amen! That makes me happy!
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  11. There's no other way to live a fulfilling victorious life. Those who have been saved but don't willingly follow the leading of the Spirit but want to live after the flesh will be miserable. Its like they are straddling the fence trying to live in both worlds. They aren't satified in either world
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  12. You are definitely wise, GS :)
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  13. Welcome back to CFS!
  14. Welcome to CFS... :)
  15. Thanks, but not really. We can all listen to the voice of the Spirit, who gives true wisdom :)
  16. Very trueeeeee =]

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