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  1. Please join me in congratulating Patricia Dalmadge who is the newest member of our Staff!
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    WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Far out sister!!!

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  3. Congratulations!!!
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  4. Welcome to the Helper Staff... (y)

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  5. Wonderful, I pray the Lord Jesus helps you to be a successful member of the team! :)
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  6. Congrats!

    I saw this one in my facbeook news feed and it made me laugh:
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  7. Thanks everyone. I give God all the glory though.
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  8. Wishing you all the best! Now don't go soft on anyone :D ha ha!!
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  9. thank you.
  10. Hey, Patricia! Congrats!
  11. Congrats!! :)
  12. Congrats. I seem to remember you were learning classical guitar in another thread. Like JG Clilie, I'll offer a bit of music but go a different way. I had a couple of classical lessons as a kid but didn't last. My dad got me a classical record I liked though - I still have it old and scratched somewhere. It was by Konrad Ragossing. Here's a bit of his playing:

  13. Thanks. My dad is helping me. He plays.

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