Welcome our newest Helper "JG27_Chili"

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by godbe4me, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Welcome our newest Helper "JG27_Chili"

    Everyone please welcome our newest helper "Chili" to the staff.


    We are so happy to have you on-staff Chili.

    By the way, all of our "Helpers" looks good in GREEN!!!

    Welcome again brother,

    God bless,

  2. Welcome to the Helper Staff, Chili - We thank you for volunteering to assist us in keeping CFS safe and secure for our members.


    WOOHOO! :smiley90:

    You'll do great!

  4. Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do don't I. A perfect match. Chili's look good in green also :)

    Thank you Lord. Amen
  5. Hot , Hot , Hot ..... Don't touch that dial .

    Chili is on da move !!!!!


  6. Now your talkin my lingo sis!!! Hheheheheheh3ehhahahhahahahahahahhaaa111!!!!!! I suppose chili looks good in any kind of color. Thank you BarbMa Norgirl. TY so much. Hey very good pic of them hot thingies. What a perfect marriage.....green n red............mmmmmmmmmmm........UGH!! But for now I'm goin GREEN. HP helper green

    Chili out
  7. I got carried away with that song. it is a funny song from when I was a child. I first heard it on Alvin and the Chipmunks. So I edit this post so nobody will think I'm crazy. Perhaps I can find a funny chili song. I'll keep ya posted

    Chili out n dancin wala wala bing bang oooo
  8. Ok in that case I'll edit mine too. But too late- I already read it. I was thinking last night I actually found someone CRAZIER than ME!!!!!!!!!! :blink:

    Do the twist! Or chicken dance :D
  9. way to go chili..stay cool dude..LOL
  10. Please delete post .... why can't I delete it . I used to be able to .

    Sorry Chili ....
  11. Sometimes the tongue waggles faster than what the mind thinks:)
  12. LOL..thats for sure:D
  13. Oh btw..congrats and welcome to the position of HELPER.
  14. Congrats brother
  15. Way to go my friend and congratulations to you, tee hee.
  16. Way to go Chili!

  17. your post is edited sis
  18. What kinda chili is that!? OOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A Banana pepper!! Of course! heheheh. man ya had me going there for a second! i was sayin to myself What?
    i have banana peppers before and they are HOT indeed n they don't taste like Bananas LOL. OOOO God is good aint HE!
  19. I won't eat it then :D

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