Welcome our Newest CFS Helper "Micheal Collum"

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  1. Welcome our Newest CFS Helper "Micheal Collum"

    Everyone, please welcome our newest Helper "Michael Collum"


    to the staff Michael....You have just joined the best Christian Website staff on the net!!!!
    By the way, all of our Helpers looks Good in "Green"

    God bless,
  2. Welcome brother

    God bless
  3. Thank you , looking forward to helping :)
  4. Good 4 you m8.
  5. Thank you Michael :)
  6. We are all very excited to have you as a staff member Michael :)
    We were all in agreement to have you aboard! :D
  7. Thank you Katie :)

    and that's so awesome to hear .

  8. Wow ..... Michael .... Green looks good on you . Congratulations
  9. :) Thank you Dusty and InHisLove :) :)
  10. Congratulations Michael!! :D God bless you.
  11. You're really moving up Michael!
  12. Thank you Godspeaks :) how are you feeling?
  13. I"m feeling fine. Thanks :)
  14. Congrats Michael! Nice going. I've never seen you as a non green type of person helper thingy but good job! : ) : ) : )
  15. Thank you Phil :) :)
  16. That was shortlived but a good experience . well even the parts i learned from .

    thanks .

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