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  1. Hi- I'm a german mennonite in southern Ontario, Canada. I'm 22, I'm self employed as a mechanic. I'm a christian. Not a perfect one, but always trying to improve my relationship with the Lord. I've witnessed recently how He can work in amazing ways. Someday when I can I want to do amazing things to help this world and do His work.

    I'm a car enthusiast. Just can't help it! I drive a black Cadillac Seville that I bought cheap and fixed up. I live with my parents and sister right now. I'm not in a relationship although I think I know who's meant for me. I'm confused about that and I'm looking for answers.... so I pray.....

    I guess that pretty much describes me.
  2. I was wondering if you were from the St Jacob's Area as I go to that market a lot and did take one of the tours offered around the Mennonite Community. Even saw inside one of your people's homes . Awesome, brother welcome. God Bless .

    God will grant you the desires of your heart and in time if she is the right one He will reveal that to you. You are very young and have plenty of time.

    Trust in the Lord with thine heart and lean on thine own understanding . In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.Proverbs 3:5
  3. Thank you Dusty, I am from the London area. I'm a modern mennonite- use all the great technology that the Lord has blessed us with (hey a lot of technology is used for good purposes!) and live in a community among many diferrent ethnicities.

    I think he has revealed that to me- I don't think he has revealed it to her yet. That's what's puzzling me. Why not....
  4. Hmmmm ..... Well maybe the Lord wants you to trust Him more and wait on Him.
  5. Wow Dusty All you Easterners here. I wonder if I'm the onliest one from Western Canada. Where God is. LOL

    Ok ok God is there too. grin

    Welcome from me too Northstarman.
  6. Hey Deni .... I love the west . I wish I could live there . I have a cousin and he husband in Calgary and when I go there ., they take me through the rockies . Beautiful country.

    Hey and I know what you mean and say God's country ..... But , but Deni... there is a lot of beauty here as well . We have Niagara Falls ...

    Sorry northstarman ... I'm just bragging about our country cause you know those Westerners always have to have the last say .... LOL.:D:D:D Just joking Deni.

  7. LOL I've been through Ontario a few times As well as Ontario Oregon and Ontario California LOL
  8. Welcome to the CF Site.

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