Weird Mental Symptoms. Should I Be Worried?

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by Polly, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Not talking about being young...and what I said to her came from the Spirit of God..
  2. your pretty sharp
  3. :)
  4. you win..:D
  5. Dislikes make me sad :cry:
  6. Great! This thread is now ruined. I just wanted to know if I should be worried of the symptoms what I mentioned in this thread's first post, and then Ceile De called me an attention seeker and you called me a spoiled brat just because I got angry because I got called an "attention seeker".

    I defend myself because I want to be helped, not hated. If someone first says something bad about me, then others will believe that person and then no one will help me.
  7. I also feel guilty to ask questions because people think I am an attention seeker just because I am curious.
  8. Ask a doctor. This site would be liable if someone gave medical advice to you and something happened
  9. Polly, don't feel bad, you're okay. I'm not a doctor, but I would first consult with God and then possibly a doctor regarding your questions. I found a website that explains the medication you're on, but like I said, any medical questions should be directed to your primary physician. Here's the website$File/pfczeldc.pdf
  10. Okay, thanks. D:
  11. Polly, I have to agree abit with lance. ...
    My best friend's brother as well as cousin are autistic , so I kinda know what it looks like..and my cousin is high functioning..

    During my junior yr I had an algebra class with a kid that had asbergers...

    Idk to me it does seem like a bit for attention,...could you maybe explain your illness a bit better?

    So we can assist you better...bit in my opinion..I think you should see a doctor...
    But we're hear for you :)
  12. She has explained in other threads that she has autism spectrum.
  13. Don't think I saw those , its just interesting,i know eveyone is different- but I never saw what what she's dealing with in my cousin,bfs brother or classmate

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