Weird Mental Symptoms. Should I Be Worried?

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  1. These 7 days, I've been being grumpy and having a foul mood, and few days ago I was very aggressive that I kept yelling very loud and aggressively and I told very mean things, and I keep sensing an abusive demon behind me, but not at home, and then few nights, I've been having some kind of sleep hallucination, that I have some weird dream while I am awake, and I see weird things during that mode. I just saw again that I was like sleeping awake and I saw some plastix box that was moving, but then there was nothing.

    What's going on? This is a bit creepy, and I really hope this is not schizophrenia, but I don't think so...

    I still just have autism spectrum and I take Zeldox 80 milligrams for it.
  2. Read one psalm and one proverb every day

    And pray
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  3. Is it my imagination but it seems to me Polly comes up with something like this when she needs attention from the forum
  4. This is completely normal...don't worry about it!:D
  5. you must admit its a little entertaining? I have come to look forward to these post...;)
  6. I saw a Polly thread and had to click!
    Polly I'm not a doctor but I think you'll be okay
  7. your a witch doctor...:( and your trying to mislead Polly!
  8. No, I am not seeking attention, I am telling the truth, and I got offended when you called me an attention seeker by saying that when I really have problems.
  9. Polly your a brat...and your problems are only those of your own making.
  10. ...

    Uyuyuyuy, haters, huh?
  11. I don't want anyone to hate me, I want people to help me. What did I ever do that you started hating me? And my problems are real. Don't ever think that I would be a big scammer because I am telling the truth.
  12. Don't hate you at fact I kind of like you in a way..and care for you in that Christ would love you. I am only telling you what those around you have been telling I not?
  13. But why are you guys calling me an attention seeker and bullying me?
  14. I would never call you that.
  15. No I called you a brat...that means your spoiled and want things your way and are living a self-centered life.
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    Jesus is Lord.
  17. yea a lot of teenagers are brats... you know that don't you?
  18. We were all young once. :)

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