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  1. I agree with everything you are saying, except the eating like a horse to build muscle. If a person just lifts heavy, they will becoming hungrier.. just eating whenever you are hungry I think is enough. Worked for me :)
  2. haha yes I agree. I guess I haven't been around here long enough for people to understand my slang. What I meant was you'll build muscle if you eat more calories than you burn on a regular basis. Calories in > calories out = surplus = weight gain. Simple.

    When I was bulking up and trying to go from 175 pounds to 195 pounds I was very active. Lifting sometimes twice a day, plus I biked and walked 8km daily to get to work. I was still losing weight eating close to 4000 calories clean a day. I figured it out eventually. But at the time I felt like I was eating like a horse every 2.5 hours. My coworkers were confused and amazed. I literally would bring in a school sized backpack with just food each day.

    Sure felt like eating like a horse :)
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  3. haha yeah if you are burning that many calories you will definitely have to eat like a horse!
  4. Okay, fine gentleman, you've convinced me. After I finish this bag of protein, I wont buy anymore. I'll just take the money I would spend on that and put it toward more food (y)
  5. I lost 70lbs by stop drinking any sodas... no more bubbles anything. The diet stuff is worse than the "natural" stuff, but none of it is good for you. Water is it... nothing else... maybe some tea or coffee in moderation. I just started stopping eating breakfast... we'll see how much more I can get rid of :D
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  6. If you like sparkling water, perrier is good among other brands. I love carbonation so this is a much healthier alternative to soda. Plus some sparkling water has calcium.
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    Stopping eating breakfast is definitely not something you should be trying to you. If you're losing fat you need a faster metabolism not a slower one.

    But seriously, congrats on losing 70 pounds. That's fantastic!
  8. Thanks. :D

    Most people don't admit it, but they're not hungry for breakfast. They eat because they were programmed to by the gov in advertising blitz. The U.S. in the 1930's there was a big push for "the most important meal of the day" because the administration wanted to push more bacon for a campaign contributor. The USA is one of the fattest countries in the world and one of the few to push for a big breakfast - correlation? So yea, I'm dumping breakfast. Late lunch then a later dinner - the Spanish way and it works! Absolutely no snacks - another advertising scheme. Learn to listen to your stomach, not your eyes.

    1 John 2:16 (KJV)
    For all that [is] in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

    The word for lust here is ἐπιθυμία epithumia (ep-ee-thoo-mee'-ah) meaning 1. a longing. Longing for that cheesecake, ribs, cheeseburger, or snickers bar, it's still lust and the advertisements play right into that. The church needs to remember that gluttony is a sin just like pornography. I have to remind myself of this.

    Forgive me Father for not guarding your temple!
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  9. Well I'm certainly not American nor was I alive in the 30's. Bacon is horrible for you and I agree with you that advertising lies to us about what's healthy. Like the dairy industry for example. Adult humans shouldn't be drinking milk regularily, let alone from cows, but there's advertising all throughout schools telling children of its false benefits.

    Most people aren't hungry in the morning because sleep is considered a fast. Break...fast. If you ignore your hunger long enough it goes away.

    I'm glad you're doing what's working for you and are getting results. However there are numerous scientific studies (ones not funded by food companies) that show the benefits of a healthy breakfast to start the day outweighing going over 10 hours without eating.
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  10. Sounds delightful.
  11. It was and continues to be. It's a good change from what I normally eat for breakfast :)
  12. Yogurt and granola is delicious! I always made the mistake of trying to pack it for lunch already mixed...and then the granola was all soggy. Oops!
  13. I'd never heard of a BMR calculator. Thank you! My calculation was "BMR = 1,072 Calories/day." I know I take in more than that, with the fruit juice I consume, but I drink all day and night. I have a little illness that demands this.

    One of the things I have learned is to water down all juices except orange juice, and they are even more pleasing. Admittedly, I am very hedonistic when it comes to food and drinks. I have difficulty consuming most foods if they are merely good for me.
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    Every couple days, I really enjoy 1 part grapefruit juice, three parts tonic water, and some xylitol. I mix the xylitol into the grapefruit juice while it is warm, shaking it, then leave it in the 'fridge for a day -- then I make my drink. I demand carbonation, too, so I really enjoy this. Sometimes, I add cranberry juice to the grapefruit juice. Very refreshing!

    A funny thing happened on the way to the dentist yesterday. I made this drink on the way out the door and added my Xylitol. Unknown to me, what I thought was Xylitol was SALT! NOT GOOD!!!!
  15. I have never believed anyone about the health problems caused by milk, except for the fact that we have given our cows so much junk to eat and also injected them with junk in the States. Admittedly, I am "addicted" to it, drinking it with a big milk-ice cube thrown into it. Can you tell me something I believe regarding this?

    When I was overweight, I never ate breakfast. One of the things that helped me lose the weight was adding both breakfast and fruit to my diet. Both helped.
  16. Glad I could help with the BMR calculations. BMI is really only useful for large population categorizations. Its really quite useless in the day to day measurements. Doctors/Insurance companies really should be asking body fat % if they want a quick body composition analysis. Those body fat scales are fairly cheap these days.

    As for dairy being bad, that should probably be a thread all in itself. If you're truly interested do some Google searches and find some studies done by non vegan activists. You know, actual scientists. There's lots out there. Just avoid anything written by a Dr Colin Campbell. His research dominates the topic and, well, its very flawed.
  17. I've been getting some good results with a program called Nutritional Balancing. It's primary goal is not weight loss, but the quality of the diet is good enough that it can result in weight loss. His site is http://drlwilson.com (the diet/lifestyle articles are a good start). When he talks about diet he means more along the lines of 'manner of living and mode of life' rather than calorie restriction. He has a lot of references to Scripture on the site but I haven't read all of what he says about it to see if it 'jives'.

    Before that I was more or less following the Weston A. Price foundation's recommendations. The diet is good but it ended up causing me quite a few problems after a few years.
  18. the best way to drop weight is to one, eat right and weight training. Stay away from the fast food restaurants and get rid of the soda. That right there puts on an average of 10lbs a year.
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  19. Thank you!

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