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  1. Hello every body that we know over weight is common problem with most of peoples. that problem arise to due eating unhealthy diet like junk foods and heavy oily foods. that foods not healthy for us and increase your body weight fast. if you want to get rid from over weight problem then first avoid that kind of foods. you can eat green vegetables and fresh fruits, that diet good to maintain healthy body.that diet help to loss over weight fast.

    Drink plenty of water daily .drinking lots of water will help you to loss weight fast. drink at least 7 or 8 glasses of water daily. water help to digest the food fast and burn extra body fat fast. the next most effective way to loss weight fast is exercise. do some exercise daily. exercise will help you to loss weight and keep you fit.
  2. Very good to keep tips and healthy living choices on our minds on a regular basis. Kind of like living out our faith everyday, making right decisions for right results.
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    I have a workout plan that I just thought of right now in my head, allow me to write it out real quick before I forget.. Guaranteed to help a person lose weight. Do this everyday and you will have results.

    Diet plan:

    1 apple - Don't eat the apple all at once. Eat half at one point, then eat the other half later.
    1 boiled egg- Eat half then eat the other half later.

    (eat the apple before the egg, it will give you energy)

    This will give you 4 meals for the whole day.

    Next drink 1 gallon of water. Do not drink the gallon all at once. Drink a little bit every 10 minutes.

    Work out plan:
    100 pushups. If you can't do them all at once, do as many as you can, then rest, then do more.
    50 pullups. If you can't do a pull-up then just jump up and let yourself down slow each time.
    100 sit ups.
    Run for 1 hour every day. Each day when you run for an hour you should be trying to go further then the last time.
    (make sure you do the run last)

    Do this for 1 month and tell me the results.
  4. We're trying to keep people on this forum, not kill them.
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  5. I drank a protein shake after my workout today then ate salsa about 20 minutes after that. It was quite the 'diet' combination as I lost a good 5 pounds after it had time to mix (if you know what I mean) :confused:
  6. You want to know how to gain muscle? Don't worry I have tips for you too! It just came to me.

    Okay keep taking that creatine. But however much you are taking don't take it all at once. Give it to yourself in small doses.

    Next. When you go to lift weights, figure out what you know you can lift 10 times. Once you know that number double the weight, and lift that 1-4 times. Do 3 sets of this, and then on the fourth set go back to the weight that you can only lift 10 times and lift it 25 times! You will have to take rests during this set, and thats okay, just make sure you don't rest longer then 10 seconds.

    Note: Do not have a spotter. Having a spotter is just an excuse to give up. If you have no spotter then you will be forced to lift the weight or die. This is how we get results!!
  7. 5lbs? Does your protein have a laxative in it?
  8. No. I think the salsa recipe you gave me does though. I made more this last weekend.
  9. I try to keep my weight balanced.. I eat plenty of rice.. Twice a day.. Lunch and dinner.. That is a common south India diet.. but it has so much carbo and just shoots up the weight! I used to eat more when I was in college, but never put weight.. As age increases, metabolism changes and same diet does not work anymore!

    Now I take only brown rice.. Helps a lot.. And for dinner, i restrict myself to salads, vegetables, etc.. And occasional visits to gym.. Have to increase frequency of gym though..
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  10. Here is how to increase frequency of the gym. Buy this stuff called no xplode. Start off by taking 1 scoop of it. See how that makes your chest feel. No pain? Increase to 3 scoops. After about 10 minutes it will make you start feeling sick unless you workout, and this is how you can increase frequency.
  11. Are you trying to induce a heart attack? I don't take pre-workouts anymore. They make me feel funny.
  12. I hope people don't take any of your advises seriously!! :cautious:
  13. If you see members that are usually active suddenly drop off...you'll know.
  14. No thats why i said if you feel chest pains slow down.. But yes that funny feeling you get forces you to work out. So this is good. Try mixing a supplement called Jacked with No explode, plus your creatine into a red bull.
  15. Are you trying to kill people? Smh.
  16. Probably be better if the eggs are organic
  17. I used to take Jack 3d and I still have this stuff called Mr. Hyde. Potent stuff for sure. I took a full scoop of Mr. Hyde when I first got it and couldn't even work out after that. I was on the floor shaking and my hands were sweating like crazy. It was kind of scary.
  18. I had some strawberry yogurt this morning with fresh strawberries and granola, mmmmmmmmmmmm
  19. Yeah see! Shaking on the ground, I bet that burned many calories!
  20. I'd avoid buying/recomending any supplements (especially caffeine fueled ones that have actually killed people) at all until you've peaked your performance using natural foods and healthy eating. Even then, they're only really necessary in competitive sports/bodybuilding. It's not the easiest thing, but its the best for your heart if you eat the majority of your foods from natural sources that haven't been mixed together in a lab or a factory.

    Find a BMR (not BMI) calculator, find our how many calories your body needs, and eat that. If you want to lose some fat, lift weights and do more cardio. If you want to put on some muscle, then eat like a horse and lift.

    I know this isn't the right forum for this, but if anyone has any fitness questions feel free to DM me. I have plenty of experience in the field.

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