Wedding anniversaries

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  1. My parents 40th wedding anniversary coming up.
    Just like to ask how long couples on here been married for, and what do you do on your anniversaries?
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  3. Oh, long you been married for? Whats your favorite restaurant? Do you take the day off work?
  4. Coming up on 34 years in June. Restaurant, what ever we feel like on that day.
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  5. We've just celebrated our 39th anniversary in January, so next New Years will be our 40th, but we have no idea what to do to celebrate! I was suggesting a winter vacation in the south as perhaps the honeymoon we never really had, but hubby is indecisive! Most likely we will celebrate it quietly with a lovely dinner at a great restaurant with some family members and friends, and some gifts for each other.
  6. This is what happens after 40 years. I just ain't like it used to be. You are an "over comer" and deserve a "trophy", both of you! :)
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  7. Thank you!!

    We sure are overcomers, you have no idea! Our marriage has been good all along, but our lives together have experienced much stress: financial setbacks, losing a house, two children abandoning the family for no reason, one who has abandoned her husband and children and we have no idea where she is, and now my husband had a massive brain hemorrhage about 20 months ago. The neurologist is amazed that he is able to live at home and can do everything he ever did before, but he is not able to work because he has a hard time conversing and reading (which gives me even more opportunity to talk!). God is awesome and has been with us through all our trials.
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  8. I am impressed with all you have gone through and are still going through that your "faith" and steadfastness in the Lord remains unshakable.
    That is a testimony not only to you, and but to all principalities, powers and angels in the heavenly's that God's children will not be moved no matter what comes their way.
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  9. Thank you so much...yet it is only Jesus Christ who ministers to us through His Spirit and strengthens and empowers us to walk through the storms and not to falter or fail!

    One of the scriptures that has sustained and refreshed my faith is from Isaiah 43:

    I have called you by name; you are mine.
    2 When you go through deep waters,
    I will be with you.
    When you go through rivers of difficulty,
    you will not drown.
    When you walk through the fire of oppression,
    you will not be burned up;
    the flames will not consume you.

    All praise and glory to Him!
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  10. Hmm a trophy?
    Maybe I could get one made for my parents to remind them?
    Im not sure if my dad even going to take my mum out as they NEVER go to reataurants just the two of them.
  11. I know, I could get a cup made engraved with my parents names what you think?
  12. Then they could drink out of one cup.
    Although..mum and dad would prefer tea over wine.
    Dad likes his coffee.
    Actually dad cant drink wine and mum dont like it that much.
  13. Fill it with an ice cream soda with two parfait spoons and 2 straws!
  14. hmm was looking at teapots today with two cups.
    icecream bowls those glass sundae ones..we don't have those. Good idea!
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  15. Sis is going to order a cake, like those red velvet ones with flowers. I am still looking at teapots with two cups.
    Then we might book a family banquet dinner at a chinese restaurant.
    When you celebrate your anniversaries, do you bring all your children or is it just the two of you?
  16. Most times we do nothing for our anniversary, but we have had dinners together with the kids and the grandchildren in the past, what with the way the family is these days, that cannot happen, and next year, we will celebrate just the two of us, and maybe with our single daughter.
  17. Found a teapot. it is a little glass one so you can see the tea being brewed with the tea strainer built in. I suppose we have lots o cups already, no need to buy special cups.

    Am looking forward to the dinner, convinced dad to not work that day.

    I thought they wouldnt so anything! Cos when I asked them they said oh, prolly nothing. 40 years! Goodness sakes. Um hello, we are the evidence!
  18. My parents are weird,its like they dont even want to celebrate.
    Im worried...i want to leave home one day and be married, but its like mum doesnt want me to she wants me to be independant and stand on my own two feet, all by myself, cos she doesnt think I can marry anybody, and they would have to look after me all the time and i eould be a burden since I cant cook and clean according to my mums very high standards.
  19. I'll be honest, after reading this, I feel young again - no insult to anyone.
    My wife and I celebrated our 14th earlier this month. It was also our birthdays - but we did not go all fancy as usual.
    I can tell you though, it was the first time since our wedding day that my parents and my mother-in-law was with us for our birthdays and wedding anniversary.
    Now that was really the highlight for me.
  20. Congratulations on 14 years together!

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