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  1. In the early 1970's, in the midst of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and western countries, there was actually some international commerce trade taking place. An American tractor salesman and his wife were on a sales trip to Moscow. Between sales meetings, they had planned on doing some sight seeing near their hotel around Red Square. In order to see what weather would be like the next day, they turned on the TV and found only one channel... the USSR Communist State Television Network, but they did have a weatherman named Rudolph Pochenko on the air. His forecast for the next day was for rain ending at exactly 10:06 AM and dry conditions after that. The next morning, when the saleman and his wife got up, it was raining, but at exactly 10:06 AM it stopped and cleared up. The saleman looked at his wife and said, "Rudolph, the Red, knows rain, dear."
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  2. LOL. Hmmm, that's probably where the song comes from. :cautious:
  3. American tractor salesman's tractor became the centerfold in the Soviet Union's edition of Playboy Magazine.

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