We Will Judge the Angels?

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  1. We Will Judge the Angels?

    Can someone please expound on 1 Cor. 6:3, where it is written we will judge the Angels and even others? How will this work, and when will this happen? Thanx, Bonnie.
  2. If the Word says it then it is so. Below are some excerpts from some commentaries:
    1Co 6:3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels,.... Meaning not the ministers of the Gospel, and pastors of churches, called "angels", Rev_1:20 whose doctrines are examined, tried, and judged by the saints, according to the word of God; nor the good angels, who, were it possible that they could, or should publish a Gospel contrary to what has been preached by the apostle, would be contradicted, condemned, and accursed by him, see Gal_1:8 but the evil angels, the devil and his angels: and this is to be understood not of their future final judgment and condemnation at the last day, when saints will subscribe unto, and approve of the sentence pronounced upon them, and will triumph over them in their destruction; but of the judgment of them, and of their ejection out of the Gentile world, out of their oracles, idols, and idol temples, to which Christ refers, Joh_12:31 and calls the judgment of this world, and the casting out of the prince of it by the ministry of his apostles; and which was now already begun, and ere long would be fully accomplished: accordingly the Syriac version renders it, "know ye not דלמלאכא דינינן, that we are about to judge angels?" and the Arabic, "know ye not that we judge angels?" from whence the apostle infers very justly,
    From John Gill's Exposition of theBible

    1Co 6:3
    Shall judge angels - All the angels that shall be judged, good or bad. Probably the reference is to fallen angels, as there is no account that holy angels will then undergo a trial. The sense is, “Christians will be qualified to see the justice of even the sentence which is pronounced on fallen angels. They will be able so to embrace and comprehend the nature of law, and the interests of justice, as to see the propriety of their condemnation. And if they can so far enter into these important and eternal relations, assuredly they ought to be regarded as qualified to discern the nature of justice ‘among men,’ and to settle the unimportant differences which may arise in the church.”
    From Albert Barnes notes on the Bible

    1Co 6:3
    Know ye not that we shall judge angels? - Dr. Lightfoot observes that “the apostle does not say here, as he said before, the saints shall judge the angels, but We shall judge them. By angels, all confess that demons are intended; but certainly all saints, according to the latitude with which that word is understood, i.e. all who profess Christianity, shall not judge angels. Nor is this judging of angels to be understood of the last day; but the apostle speaks of the ministers of the Gospel, himself and others, who, by the preaching of the Gospel, through the power of Christ, should spoil the devils of their oracles and their idols, should deprive them of their worship, should drive them out of their seats, and strip them of their dominion. Thus would God subdue the whole world under the Christian power, so that Christian magistrates should judge men, and Christian ministers judge devils.”
    From Adam Clarkes Commentaries on the Bible
  3. This is what I was taught about this passage, that were supposed to judge the spirit behind occurances...discernment. Not as a courtroom sort of judge, but more of a daily judging of what is happening around you.
  4. So, the angels we will judge will be satan's angels. Where do you get all these commentaries, Bo? Can I read them online? Or have you just collected a lot of books? They would be a lot easier for me to use than the Strongs Exhaustive Concordance someone gave to me.

    I think I will have someone in the church I can go to now to show me how to use it, but commentaries sound a lot easier and in plain English.

    I wouldn't have to depend on you all to answer all my questions if I could learn how to look things up myself. By the way, I've lost my eSword site you gave me. Somehow, it just disappeared off my computer. I was just going to experiment with that to see all that is offered. I learned how to cut and paste the texts, but that's about it.

    Thanx for the answers, it made a lot of sense. Bonnie
  5. Download ESword and you can add all the commentaries, dictionaries and study tools you will ever need,

    e-Sword - the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge

    I rarely use commentaries but when I am stumped or when I want insight or perspective from a different angle I will use them,
  6. Wow, today I was wondering about this myself! Thanks for the commentary excerpts, Boanerges. And thanks for the link, I think I'll get e-Sword too.
  7. Fipi E-Sword is the greatest free ware program I know of. You can currently download about 60 bible translations, 20commentairies, 17 dictionaries and a huge amount of writings, graphics and other inspirational writings absolutely free. There are also a number of add on programs you can purchase but just off the free ware I have over a gigabyte of data all accessible at the click of a mouse. For those who use this program extensively it is recommended to send brother Rick a contribution to fund his ongoing work. this is of course on a voluntary basis.
  8. Thanx for the info on E-sword Bo. I am really tired of buying the same material over and over again. I see E-sword has a step program so maybe I can figure out how to access the stuff I already have (from the abandoned Zondervan software I bought); and Word Search, which is sooo expensive.

    Larry II

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