We Were Officially Turned Down For Habitat For Humanity

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  1. Just received the letter today stating that we have been turned down for a Habitat for Humanity home due to our income to family size. We were advised to increase our income.

    We cannot increase our income as my wife is on a fixed disability income and I am already making as much as I can doing photography and pet sitting. Anymore and it takes me out of the home for far too long during the day. I am my wife's caregiver, and the one that does the household stuff, including cooking, laundry, cleaning, food shopping, child care, etc...

    So we are stuck in this hell hole of an apartment complex.
  2. Brother I know how that feels. That feeling of beeing stuck in a rut that you dont want. I have great news for you though. They do NOT have the last word. God does !!

    Now then here is ware the promises meet the situation - Do not sway with your attitude. Stay walking in Love and forgiveness and trusting God. Act as if God has this for you and use His word in doing so. It is when we can stay faithful and true to His word in a bad situation that we find Him moving in OUR BEHALF in that situation.

    Things like blaming God or the people will cut you off (blessing and faith stealers)
    Not forgiving them and walking in Love will cut off ( blessings and faith )
    Brother I am NOT picking on you just telling you like it is. I had to learn this and it took a long HARD time because I was stubborn and refused to do what I was told in this manner.

    Truth - once I began to walk in Love and Forgivness and in His ways - it was true - He acted on my behalf. So in all truth all those years of pain and suffering and lack of peace were brought on by me. No one else just me.

    This that I learned helped change things big time. A simple attitude adjustment made my life turn around and much easier. When I got to this point - Lord this is not the path I would choose to walk down at all but never the less I Will Walk It - now see this - For I know You WILL get me to the other side. Now here is the follow up that is just as important.....ACT like it, Talk like it and USE HIS WORD in doing so. You may have to say that 100 times in a day at first...........it beasts the situation brother.....Before I would know it I was either through it or it just went away and things began to change.

    Forgiveness and Love can not be left out. These two fruits or rather COMMANDS of God are not negotiable ( open for discussion ) they are REQUIRED.

    I hope and pray this sinks in faster for you then it did me.
    Praying bro big time
    God Bless

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