We Have To Leave Our Beautiful Off-grid Homestead

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  1. We have just found out that my husband is terminal and we must leave our beloved off-grid homestead in the mountains of NM for a lower altitude.

    We have a house, greenhouse and small cabin on 10 acres, with well rights (good, deep well) near the house. The house is cinderblock/adobe/stucco, comprised of one 20'X24' kitchen/lvingroom/bathroom and a 16'X16' bedroom. There is a large woodstove in the bedroom that provides heat for the whole house, and a wood cookstove in the kitchen. The house is furnished with Kitchen table, cabinets and countertops, pantry and closet, and queen size platform bed. There is a 16'X8' Deck. The well has a deep-water hand pump.

    As of this date there are 4 cords of cut firewood included. There is also a ranch-only (not registerable) 1985 Ford F-150 included.

    Solar is high efficiency 205 watt solar panel and two 6-volt golf cart batteries for 12 volt system.

    The small cabin is 8'x8', two-story with metal roof. The greenhouse is 8'X16'. A small chicken coop is also included.

    The land is 20+ miles from paved road and very private. It borders NM State and BLM land. Abundant game, antelope, elk, deer, rabbits. High Chaparral land (7000+ ft.) with beautiful mountain views. Abundant firewood available. Surplus building materials included (OSB, some 2x4's, and lots of PVC pipe and connectors etc.)

    We have satellite internet set up which we will be happy to transfer to you.

    I'm sorry, we do not have a camera, but you can see the view from our front door at http://fightingfirewithwater.com.

    The lease is a 99 year lease, $25,000 OBO. We are very eager and motivated, hence the low price (we have put many times more than the price into the land, house, well, outbuildings, etc.).

    We are available for text chat via skype. If you would like to text chat, let us know when and we will be ready or just contact us at surviving@wildblue.net

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