We have a new moderator - Banarenth

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  1. We have a new moderator! Banarenth and Pastor Gary

    Hi all, Banarenth will be moderating the 'Publications, Music, Television and Movies' forum in the Entertainment section. :helmet: :biggrin: :fez: He has experience administrating another forum and Im sure CFS can benefit from this.

    Welcome to the team Banarenth! :D
  2. Thanks, I'll rule with an iron fist...I mean, I'll do my best to maintain the board in an orderly and Christlike manner. :angel:
  3. Sounds good. :D I hope you dont scare us off.
  4. I've added a new section called 'Weather and the Environment ' where Pator Gary, our new moderator will be posting weather updates for our US members .
  5. Cool.

    ...but that being said, I live in Florida. Our weather is pretty predictable, hot 90% of the time, and hurrianes the remainder of the time. Rains pretty much every day but only for a few minutes. Temperatures get as low as 70 in the winter, and high 90s during the summer. Usually have 1 or 2 days during the year where it drops to the 50s and we actually need to wear several layers of clothes because nobody in the right mind actually owns a jacket.
  6. OK, now I'm jealous. Lord forgive me!
  7. This is the time of the year that Floridians become very, very obnoxious to our northernly brothers.
  8. I'd like to thank Jeff for the opportunity to expand the weather postings that I have been doing in 7 other venues since 2002. Not only does our weather analysis group specialize in Tropical Systems, but a couple of us are members of the Clergy as well as the The American Red Cross Disaster Services Team and respond as Chaplains into post hurricane devastation areas.

    Banarenth - We try to hold outdoor prayer services throughout Florida each year. We start in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama; then onto the grounds of the Naval Air Station south of Pensacola at the historical Fort Barancas overlooking Pensacola Bay. Then on to Marco Island in Collier County, Key Largo, Marathon Key, Key West, and then up the east coast near Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, then to the American Police Hall of Fame near Titusville, St Augustine and then on to Savannah Georgia and points north. These are open to anyone and we do NOT accept tithes, donations freewill gifts, love offerings or any type of funding. Our services are brief, to the point and we always say that the sands are our floor, the palm trees are our walls and God's blue sky is our ceiling.

    We do not have a schedule put together as yet because of a very serious illness in the family, but hopefully we will be able to do a series sometime this winter.
  9. Very nice. Let me know when you guys start it up again.
  10. Congrats Banarenth for being a new mod! May the Lord bless the work of your hands.

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