We have 2kids, we live together, unmarried.

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  1. I got pregnant at the age of 17. my partner and I did not get married cause my mom won't let us. after 4years, we moved together. (we lived together with his parents) we lived together for 3years now and had our 2nd child last october. we are getting married on may. Being a Christian, I know we live in a sin for how many years. We still go to church, but It felt really wrong and I am ashamed. I ask for your prayers that God will provide everything for our marriage on May. I ask also for encouraging words to make our family a family that could still glorify Jesus' name. I always pray that God will forgive us of the sin that we lived for many years.
  2. God will never turn you away when you approach with sincere repentance. Repentance is making an U-Turn. It is acknowledging the sin, confessing the sin and turning away from the sin. As long you approach God with this attitude, He is sure to forgive. How do I know? Because He said so! I will keep praying with you. I am happy you are doing the right thing now.
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  3. Thank you very much! this means a lot to me. God be with you always! ❤️
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  4. The Truth: (or the 'law') So from the sounds of things your mother or both of your parents were hurt when you entered into this relationship against their consent. Possibly we could say that you started said relationship in lust rather than love and without Biblical marriage counseling or fellowship within the Church. Therefore, under the law of God we could condemn you as the Church, your family could shun you with good cause, and God could expel you justly and rightly so....

    The Grace: The Good News is Jesus Christ already paid your sin debt! So you are not condemned to Hell if you are a Born Again, Saved, Saint, adopted Child of the King. You do not have to carry this guilt around; IF....

    Truth AND Grace IN Love: You have to make it right: YOU must do your part to make it right, then you are absolved and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks as long as you are doing your part.

    #1: You have to be a Born Again Christian (John chapter 3). If so repent and confess to God. GET MARRIED ASAP! Now if you happen to dig up any of my old posts you will see that 'marriage' is not a piece of paper, and sex (yup I said the 'S' word) is a big part of an official marriage.

    #2: Make it right with your Spouse (Get married!); make this a Spirit filled life long commitment. Get involved with the Church and fellowship. Make sure you are in a Bible Believing Church.

    #3: Make it right with your parents; this might be the toughest one. If you have never apologized to your Mum, do so immediately with a sincere heart. You do your part and seek forgiveness, then it is on her shoulders to do her part to forgive you. You can't make her forgive you.

    #4: Make it right with your children and the Church; If you take care of #1-3 you are pretty much all set! But don't ever lie too or cover up the truth when it comes to the Church or your children.

    Do your part to make it right and God will bless and help you....

    If you have done your part.
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  5. Yes we are a born again Christian. It just happened that yes I know i backsled. but now we are reconciled with everyone in our family and we are getting married on may. Thank you very much for making me understand everything! God bless you always. ❤️
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  6. One question, are you currently living together?
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  7. Glad I could be of service. :)
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  8. yes.
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    'And Isaac brought her
    into his mother Sarah's tent,
    and took Rebekah,
    and she became his wife;
    and he loved her:
    and Isaac was comforted
    after his mother's death.'

    (Gen 24:67)

    'She said, "No man, Lord."
    And Jesus said unto her,
    Neither do I condemn thee:
    go, and sin no more.'

    (Joh 8:11)

    Hello @Jadyuvee,

    I thank God for your honesty, and for your brave heart. :)

    I thank God that you and your partner have been faithful to one another, and provided security and love for your children. I thank Him that you desire to be married to each other and remain in a long-lasting loving relationship. So many who have rings around their fingers, and the marriage certificate to validate their relationship, do not have those rings around their heart, nor can boast of being either faithful or loving supportive parents.

    I thank God also that as one who has placed her trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as her Saviour, you are, 'in Christ', and therefore beloved of God and precious. Nothing and no-one can separate you from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.

    He is Faithful.
    Praise His Name.
    In Christ Jesus
  10. While I am glad you guys are taking the right steps towards marriage, it is still wrong to live together until you have made that covenant with God. Premarital sex is still fornication in the Lords until that covenant with God has been made.
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