We are God's Gardeners

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  1. We are God's Gardeners

    Matthew 13:23

    23 ...... But the one who received the seed that fell on good soil is the man who hears the word and understands it. He produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown."

    God wants us to hear, understand , and put into practice His counsel and His instruction. He doesn't see us as vaults, into which He hides His Word, but rather as gardens in which Word can sprout and grow.

    So lets all cultivate our gardens that our Lord God has given us, pull out the weeds and bear good fruit.... me included.

  2. Wonderful words and picture, Dusty!
    You have encouraged me a lot!!! I have been recently meditating on (thinking about) this verse and now I see it here! Praise God!
    May God bless us to produce much good fruit for the glory of His wonderful name. May all 9 fruits of the Spirit will grow richly in our hearts and lives.

  3. Thanks, Tatiana and I have to say that you are also a blessing to me. This morning after reading that verse , I just had to come back and post it here and now I am happy I did.

    Jesus is indeed the Master Gardener who prunes our branches , Holy Spirit is the One who leads and guides us.

  4. Amen and Amen!!!
  5. Yes we are God's gardener's but it seems like we have been growing a lot of nuts!:p

  6. Ha ha ..... I just went to comment on this post when a big crack of lightening hit and knocked my computer out. Do You think I was being told something ?

    Got to go as it might happen again as we are having another thunder and lightening storm.
  7. From darkness to light


    God Bless
  8. Thanks univac.... Yes we are the Light of the world. everything is fine today and the sun is shining. Praise God.
  9. I agree, I wanted some nut trees but never got around to planting them. God gave me three. My brother planted two walnuts and the birds planted a hazel nut. Of course everyone thinks that I'm the nut but that's ok, I just smile and wave.:israel:
  10. I just found this and it says it is a park in Colorado springs ... Called Garden of the Gods.

  11. Remember what the Apostle Paul said; "some sow, some water but God provides the increase"...(I know you could find this scripture if you look for it; I quote without leaving addresses a lot; sorry.)

    I believe that we are all well-watered gardens cultivated by the Master Gardener and watered by the well-springs of LIFE in Christ Jesus.

    I love the imagery of the garden; especially that it was in the Garden of Gethsemane where Our Lord planted the seeds of self-sacrifice unto redemption.:p

    I believe He also expects to see the fruits of His labor!!! Let's grow!!!
  12. It was so nice to see this post today, as I was out pulling weeds in my garden this morning and God was speaking to me. I don't remember ever being able to say that, but He just kept planting these thoughts into my heart.

    We all have weeds in the gardens of our lives. If we don't pull them somehow, we will get all "caught up in them." We will not be able to see our flowers. This could be our fruits?

    Some weeds come out easily; others are harder and we need a tool to help loosen them (God's Word and authority?) We always need to remember not to rely on ourselves, our own strength to pull these hard-to-get weeds out of our hearts and minds. We must use our tool, God's strength, not our own.

    It's hard work, pulling out all the weeds, but when we are done, it's time to sit back, sip a cold drink, and enjoy our view. That's our reward. :D
  13. Lets grown like a garden with flowers to give. [​IMG]

  14. Worshipper .... thanks for that truth. Yes I too love the example of the garden and being a gardener myself it has even more meaning.

    Yes lets grow in love .

  15. Bonnie.... I love that. especially some weeds are harder than others and it is so true in life. As we think of the struggles we have eah one of us has different weeds to to pull out but like you said the results are worth it as we grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. He indeed is the Master Gardener as we yeild to His gentle touch. Praise His name.

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