we are being framed

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  1. we are being framed

    satan has been framing us for decades.at the end people will think we are evil.go figure,there leader is very sick.
  2. Satan is no match for The LORD though....
    Goodness and Truth will always prevail for those who want the Truth!

  3. Satan doesn't have to lie about us. All he has to do is tell the truth. I don't know about any of you, but he can find plenty of ammunition to use against me from things I do and say. Fortunately, he can't read my thoughts. :D
  4. Amen! That and we have the greatest defense attorney in our Lord Jesus. The enemy can throw all kinds of accusations at us and use our actions against us. In the end we are aquitted by the blood of Jesus.
  5. If we knew how valuable we are to Heavenly Father, we would recognize it as a lie when satan tries to bring up things from the past. I don't believe what satan tries to tell me. I recognize it and take that thought and throw it down on the ground and STOMP ON IT!
  6. Here’s a thought…
    If satan can put thoughts into our mind… do you think he can hear our thoughts?
  7. I would say he only puts things in our mind via what we think about the physical world. So then only the thoughts that are portrayed in the physical world are available to Satan. Not the ones we don't display. Remember though we can display them in seamingly invisible ways, but Satan is sharp.

    But one might then think, that if our thoughts are chemical and energy based, that they are physical, and so Satan could read them.

    Is this question answered in scripture?

    Just a little rant as I think:

    ~But then it seams that evil does not originate form Satan, but rather, I'd blame the result of how the bodies that God created react with the world, and come to think evil things. I don't want to say this, but then wouldn't that mean evil is God's mistake? God created Adam and Eve and the earth in such a way that they could choose between good and evil. So then why didn't God just create us without the option of evil to simply reign with Him in the first place?

    Well, we can do that for eternity. We only have 90-ish years here, so why not enjoy it. It'll be something different form the eternity afterwards. lol. And it lets us be in heaven by choice. Lets us be dead before we are alive so we can appreciate being alive.~

    But we'll see how His plan was all perfect once we get there. For now I trust Him. Not my wondering mind.
  8. I’ve heard someone talk about it before, but I can’t remember the Scripture they used.
  9. I would not doubt it if Satan stood before God at the Judgment and began to hurl accusations of our sinful past at us. But the Lord will look upon us as the righteousness of Christ and will say unto Satan, "I remember not, their sins have been blotted out for mine own sake"
  10. Very true. When satan tells me that I'm not worthy of the Lord, I tell him that I'm forgiven.
  11. I may be wrong as people are fond of telling me that I am, but I believe that knowing people's thoughts is an attribute that only God possesses. Of course, satan and his mini-devils can read the thoughts of those they possess, but he cannot possess the saved.

    The Holy Spirit is in me; I am in Christ, and He is in the Father! You just can't get any more secure than that! For satan to get to me, he has the Trinity to go through first! I have nothing to fear, because God has everything under control.
  12. i think he can put thoughts in,then guess as to what you would think then play on it.:eek:

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