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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I'll check in tomorrow night and see if we are still afloat or on the next phase. :sleeping:
  2. We're still up. The new software release date has been announced. It happens on the 5th of October so the next work could possibly be around that time.
  3. Another interruption involving CFS software downgrade may come soon. Sorry for the late announcement.
  4. Downgrade has been done but there are still some issues with links and images. I am trying to get that rectified. It's best we don't post anything till all these issues are cleared up. I'll keep you updated here and on christianforumsite.net
  5. Looks like everythings solved. You can post. :D
  6. Hey, a whole new look! And we're up and running
  7. Yes, this is the downgraded version of vBulletin and is only a temporary one. There will another work on or after October 5th. That will be the final one.
  8. What's the next step after that? Sprucing it up?
  9. Is it going to be a new design or similiar to how it did look?
  10. For now I will just a logo. When I get the new software installed, it will be a different look.
  11. Ok. I'm anxious to see the new look :D
  12. Wow , I love the brightness and clarity right now . A really nice concept. Keep up the good work .... Nice , nice .

    God Bless you Jeff .
  13. JEFF! I reallllllly like the new format. Like, really hahaha.
  14. This look won't last that long. In fact about 24-48 hours from now, we may be on the new software. Currently I am getting a help-desk software called Kayako installed on the server.
  15. Already? Good deal! :D

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