we all need our friends

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by smellycat, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. we all need our friends

    when we get low,and feel really bad.we have our Lord our saviour to keep us glad.we need each other on earth foe a shoulder to cry,and we need our bibles for the reason why.this world is so selfish,this world does not care,but you my friends will always be here.i love you all.:):):)

  2. And I love you too Michael.:heart::heart::heart:


  3. It's like that song. Love makes the world go round. And it's true! No love. No world. No salvation. No goin round.
    I love you both! :)
  4. lol :) since i found Christ and devoted my life to Christ i've lost my friends..some that were my friends for many years.. i haven't lost them as such but we dont hang around any more bec we share different interests today:)i'm glad i'm making new friends:)
  5. That is something we all go through Oogi. God causes all to come to the valley of decision. Some will be drawn, some will reject you and the Spirit of God that lives in you. Others have simply not been brought to a place of brokenness and surrender yet.

  6. We love you too Mike!:)

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