Watching the Growth of Walmart Across America

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  1. Did WalMart really origin in Arkansas?
  2. Yep!

    It's the only state in the continental United States that was ever mentioned in the bible by name.


    Look in Genesis if you don't believe me. :cool:
  3. Also, did you know that aside from Adam and Eve, Joshua was the only person in the bible who did not have biological parents?

    YEP! Again....

    You can find it in Joshua 2:1

    (I'm feeling a litle wacky tonight!) :D
  4. And Noah looked out the ___ ___ ___!:)
  5. like it m8.:)
  6. I went to Best Buy, Target, ShopKo and Fred Meyer in search of a new laptop...

    This same laptop that I just bought was 116 dollars more at Best Buy. Similar units were sky-high at the other locations, so I raced back to Walmart and slammed down Uncle Sam's hard-earned stimulus check.:eek:

    I love to save money!:D Gives me more to share later on.:p

    Go, Walmart, Go! Rah-Rah-Rah! Brick-a-brack-a-fire-cracker-shish-boom-ba!
  7. At least in our local Wal Mart Super Center the quality of merchandise is poor.

    They appear to sell seconds at first quality prices. The produce does not last and has been spoiled when we got it home.

    I will go to Kroger and spend a few cents more to buy food I know will be fresh. It's more economical than buying at Wal Mart's discount price and throwing away half.

    Wal Mart is the two ton gorilla who can force companies to meet their price or go out of business (as Rubbermaid found out)

    They reran the Wal Mart special on MSNBC. The world's largest port in terms of volume is in China and 80% of the goods shipped are for Wal Mart.

    You can't get a direct flight to Little Rock, AR (state capital), but you can get one to Bentonville (Wal MArt's home) from nearly any major city.

    Wal Mart takes advantage of people who need the jobs or don't have much money.

    * steps down from soap box *
  8. The are indeed an economic powerhouse and take great pride in destroying all their competition. They are responsible for pushing a huge amount of manufacturing jobs out of the US and rehiring those misplaced workers at a lower wage. What would your company do if the worlds largest retailer told you to move to China in order to meet their pricing specs or loose the biggest account in the USA? Most move- some who refused have had their companies go bankrupt. So yes they like to throw their weight around and are bad for the USA as a whole. Countless billions of $ are being poured into China's pockets and I do believe that one day that will come back to haunt us.
    I do not however blame struggling families for shopping where theor $ will go the farthest. It seems like a no win situation.
  9. I cannot think of any bad service a Wal-Mart has given us. The only problem we have run into is buying those little portable heaters (it gets cold in Southern California, too!:D) and then when you get home they work for about ten seconds and then they blow out. I have had better luck with Home Depot.

    Okay, gotta go, I have to walk my dog.
  10. That's been our experience with products from WM. We have had too many 'unhappy' returns.

    (give your puppy a skritch on the head for me)
  11. I cannot recall any other products we have returned to Wal-Mart.
    But, even when people return stuff...they come back a lot.
    Oh well:D

    [Ozzie said hi! xD Silly dog...]
  12. I recall in history class that the guy who founded Wall-mart was one of the top 5 (or 10) richest people in the world. and after hsi death his wife and kids are still up in the top 25 or so.

  13. Don't forget the dude who made eBay!:D
  14. Walmart is the reason we said goodbye to Ma and Pop Stores.

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