Watching the Growth of Walmart Across America

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  1. Sure is a lot of stores.
  2. Map looks like we've been infected by some disease.
  3. That was cool to watch! But the word that kept coming to my mind was "virus". Like a disease spreading across the land. :p
  4. Ah, great minds ...
  5. I bet ya .10 cents that in about the next 5 years or so Wal-Mart is going to go Global...we'll have Japanese Wal-Marts and Chinese Wal-Marts and Greek ones...and even Russian ones! :eek:

  6. You are to late for that bet. They are currently doing business in 15 countries. They account for a full 3% of the US GNP and if they were a country would have one of the largest economies on earth.
  7. Betcha that same dime that the ones in China have zero shipping expenses. :D
  8. Reminds me of a story I read once about a end of the world type scenario.
    Wall-mart has grown in such size as to now have multistory centers that rise high as a sky scraper. and are miles in length and width. Fully automated in the production and shelving of its products. With every such product you could want in it. Growing their own food on the huges roofs. Even housing IN the store! They become so big at such low low prices that all other businesses go out. Eventually Wall-mart controlls all the money in the world. Governments go broke, society falls. Riots and war breaks out over supplies. Prople run to saftey, hiding in the walls of Wall-mart. Eventually nearly all of the outside world is lost. Gangs rule the interrior of wall-mart. Using the gardening section for vehicles and the hunting section for weapons, these gangs have taken over rule of the Wall-mart societies. Some have escaped their rule, hunting and scrounging amons the towering shelves. Those in the store lose pigment in their skin, becomming ghostly white. Those who chose to live on the roof of wall-mart have darkend. and have become known as the "Surface dwellers" mysterious and xenophobic.
    There is no communication bewteen the wall-marts. Each one a world and culture of its own.
  9. Walmart has both good and bad points. Maybe more bad than good..... but where else can you still buy clothing for the kids on sale at $1 - $3 each?
  10. ..........China.
  11. But it would cost more if you figure in the plane ticket over there. :p

    When my dad used to get sent to Korea for business, my mom would trace our feet and give him our clothing sizes so that he could buy up shoes and clothes. My parents used to love shopping in Korea.
  12. :D I hear ya! :D

    Actually I (like others) see both positive and negative aspects to Wally World.

    They destroy smaler towns by running the traditional "Mom and Pop" businesses who built the town out of business.

    But then again, it sure is nice to be able to do a "One Stop Shop" after a long hard week of work.

    Personally, I refuse to allow un-American made products into our home which greatly limits their inventory for our household, then again, I find myself spending much more for a comparable product just to support our workers here at home.

    What's a guy to do? :)
  13. It is already very big in the UK but here they trade under the name of Asda a company they took over a couple of years ago
  14. Well, that's interesting!

    I wonder why they didn't use the same name over there?
    (Over here that's the "American Stamp Dealers Association.") :D
  15. Asda was already established and had a good name in the UK. So when Walmart bought them out they kept the name.
  16. This is how China's economy is growing so fast,
  17. Absolutely.

    The United States was once the leader in manufacturing and quality of life. We used to make, bar none, the finest and most dependable vehicles on the planet.

    Jobs were abundant and construction was done with pride. Remember when homes were built with real wood? Oak, mahogany, and with craftsmanship?

    Levi's, Wrangler, Justin, you name it, our clothing was among the very finest.

    Today it seems nobody cares and nobody misses it. We're happy with pressboard cabinets, foreign silly looking little cars with no horsepower and that your head rubs the ceiling on and long unemployment lines.

    We can either learn from the fall of the Roman Empire and Diocletian, or we can do it all again and pray that some future nation learns from our mistakes.

    It's true what they say about those who refuse to learn from the past. :(
  18. i guess with that map the money is at the east.:eek:
  19. I KNEWS IT! Where next? :D

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