Wasn't sure where to go with this one..

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by carolinasteve, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Wasn't sure where to go with this one..

    This is kind of trivial, but I was wondering if there is a specific file type required for posting pics in the galleries. I tried to post pics I have saved as jpegs,all under the size limit, but I get an error meassage saying the files are either too large or of the wrong MIME type. Any suggestions?
  2. I believe he is referring to the gallery because you can actually upload photos into it. I had no problem with jpgs, though I've only ever uploaded one pic and that was a while ago. I believe we have since changed the software. I'll try to do a few experiments to see if there are any tricks.
  3. I use photobucket for imag sharing, but the gallery upload seems to only have an option to uplaod directly from the PC, or at least that's the only prompt I get when I click on the upload button(shrugs).
  4. I just uploaded a single jpg image. It was about 16k, and it was processed for web (there are some jpg images that are not viewable online) using Photoshop. Mostly, it's a pretty generic image and I had no problems uploading it at all.
  5. Alright, this is getting frustrating. I still cannot upload photos into the gallery. There is no option, when the upload button is clicked, to select from anywhere other than directly from my PC(such as asking for a URL or IMG code from a webhost), yet when I select the pic I want to upload from my photos folder on my computer,regardless of size(the last one I resized to 100x76) or file type,jpeg,ping, or bmp, I get this error message:
    I can post the same photo into a thread with no prob:
    See? But this is done using a source code from my webhost,Photobucket,just like any other image host.
    Heeeeeelp! Please(in a small meek voice):D
  6. But how do I even use this image address, when in the gallery I click the uplaod button on the tool bar above the thread list(the one between the "home" button and the "search"button) and all it does is bring up another button named "browse". I click that and it take me directly to my photo folder on my PC. Am I not following the proper proceedure to upload in the gallery? Or am I just supposed to start a thread,like any other subforum, and uplaod the pic just like I did above?
    I don't have any screen capture sofware, so I have to assume the layout of the gallery home page that I see is the same as everyone else's.:confused:
  7. Carolina, Save your nice photos for our new gallery. :D I'll be removing the old one. I'll explain how to post on the new one when I put that one up.

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