Was Lost But Know Found

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  1. Have just come back for a Mighty Men's Conference in the Yorkshire. What a week end, was a so call Christian but now I know I am a Christian. Have left all my sins at the foot of the cross and it is a new start. What a feeling. Now is the hard work I back at work, not to go back to how I was. I pray that God will help me Amen.

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  2. That is the challenge, isn't it? That's where our faith becomes real; living it out every day in a world often hostile to faith. It is so important to seek out consistently support from other people of faith to help us to maintain an even keel and a straight course. I hope you have such people around you.
  3. Thank you for the kind words.
    Have my wife that is a Christian and see is very happy. We start the morning off every day with a pray. I have never been able to pray with her. It is a start. Have the church family. But it is hard work. But with God on my side I have nothing to fear.
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  4. Faith for me right now is hard to express in real life because I don't have a lot of opportunity to. I show it by reading/praying/praising but not many people will see it is all. That's okay with me though...

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