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  1. Warrior Shepherd

    I'd like you to check out my new blog site at www.warriorshepherd.com/blog

    I'm currently using Joomla, but will soon switch to either WordPress or DruPal (haven't decided which yet). Take a sec to read the blogs and tell me what you think... you will also learn more about me.

    I know the site is still a bit clunky, which is why I am thinking of switching. Let me know if you have an opinion on WordPress or Drupal as blog engines!
  2. I use WP as my blog platform. I do like their layout and also how it is easy to upgrade from earlier versions of the software. It improves more and more as it gets re-released.
  3. Thanks avlight. I just checked out yoursite...very nice. I just uploaded WP to start messing with it... I'm pretty sure I will make the switch, I just want to test the template, etc first so I don't have too much downtime on my site while I get it set up...

    Just curious, what template do you use?

    Thanks for the input.
  4. Dave:

    Sorry for the delayed response

    I am using the newly released 2.3 version of WordPress. I am using a template called "The Morning After" located at http://themasterplan.in/themes/the-morning-after/

    There were some minor bugs working with 2.3 that I have worked through and also some bugs within the template.

    There are a lot of templates that are developed for Wordpress that look excellent. The problem is finding one and sticking with it.
  5. It's a great blog!
    I read some and bookmarked it!

  6. Thanks violet. (and thanks for the bookmarks!) I'm hoping to really start posting daily soon. Plus, I'll include blogs from Iraq (I go there [again] in November)!!
  7. avlight-
    as you can see, I've finally made the switch. I think the name of the template I used was wucoco. "The morning after" is a nice template too... I'll save it just in case. Thanks for the advice!
  8. I now see!!!

    That is the wucoco template. I always wanted to know where bloggers get their pictures. Surely most of them do not have an expensive comstock account.

    nice blog
  9. I borrow alot of my pics from a simple google search. That's probably a no-no... but I don't think I've used any copywrited material (that I know of)

    There are also some free stock photo sites that you can get some okay pics at...

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