Warning ..... FB virus .... serious.

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  1. Warning ..... FB virus .... serious.

    Virus spreading like wildfire on FB! It is a trojan worm called koobface. It will steal your info, invade your systemand shut it down! DO NOT open the link Barack Obama Clinton Scandal! IfSmartGirl15 requests you, don't accept it; it is a virus. If somebody on your list adds her then you get the virus too! Please copy/paste to ur wall.This was confirmed on SNOPES.COM
  2. Another reason to stay off FB
  3. As if we needed another reason to stay away.
  4. Things like this don't just happen on Facebook. They happen everywhere. I almost got a trojan once - but it was because I let somebody else use my computer and she went to some crack site. Not fun. At least my computer was smart enough to quarantine it. But sometimes, you're not always lucky.
  5. Actually, I did some research and I found this on the Koobface page of Snopes.com:

  6. keep researching you will find there lies.trust nobody as truthers.:)

  7. LOL yeah.
  8. Facebook "dislike" button (and other viral scams)

    How it works: Frequent Facebook members know the "like" button doesn't always cut it. Though users would often like to voice their disapproval, experts are warning there's no such thing as an "official dislike button." That doesn't mean you won't see prompts to download this rogue application, or posts claiming your contacts are using it. The application will access your profile and spread the scam to your friends, family and coworkers. You might even be asked to fill out a survey first - for which the crooks earn some cash.

    According to experts, the dislike button is the latest in a series of viral scams that usually feature fraudulent links to shocking or funny content.
    How to fight it: Experts advise caution when using any social media site. Ignore suspicious sounding ads, links and invites, even if they come from friends and followers. Beware of any generic updates in your news feed that seem out of character (like "OMG I just saw the funniest video. Lol.") or sound more like ad-speak than a legitimate status update. Be cautious about giving out your information or allowing any application you're not familiar with to access your data.

    Fortunately, the consequences of this particular Facebook scam are more embarrassing than dangerous. If you are caught, go into your application settings and delete the application.

    From Yahoo .

  9. Your right about that . I just recently had a warning from my virus program saying my computer was at risk . I ran the scan and it said I had two trojans and I just freeked . McAffee would not quarantine them so I went to Malwarebytes' Anti - Malware and ran the scan that lasted for an hour . I was then able to use that program to erase the trojans ... What a relief .

    Now I sent a message to all on my e-mail list to please erase all the addresses before they press forward cause I am sure I must have got it from some unknown .
  10. Yeah, and the scary part is you never know when you might get them. I have Norton Simon - McAffee doesn't do anything and as far as I have seen, I've had more problems with it than without so I deleted it from my computer. A lot of times, some malware hides in places on your computer which most people don't know about. My aunt told me about this. They're 'secret' files and download centers where everything is cached, even if you erase your browsing history, etc. And then, like a human virus, they just pop up randomly somewhere.

  11. My time with McAfee has almost explired and you are right . I will not have them again . I will be switching to Norton as well . I have a friend who will not accept my email cause I have McAfee LOL .She has been telling me to get Norton .

    It was a computer tech who installed this Malwarebytes program and I am now so thankful he did cause my computer could have crashed.
  12. Norton is all I use.

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